Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ayutha Pooja

Happy Ayutha Pooja!

Remember the part about being in India to celebrate festivals that I had written about in my moving to India post? Here's one of the whys:

That's the absolutely delicious home-cooked Ayutha Pooja special lunch at parents' place today. Shown in pic: Medu vada, sundal, beans usili, arbi fry, sankegourd kootu, potato pal-curry, poori and appalam. Not shown dal, sambhar, rasam, rice, curds and payasam.



Anonymous said...

See, now this is a valid bait to snare pisceans like me

SK said...

OMG! Archana! Quite a spread! Can I please request your mom to post recipes of this meal in her food blog :--D

Anita said...


Archana said...

Binary, Sindu - yup the meal totally deserved all the reactions!

SK - I will pass on the request :-).