Monday, January 03, 2011

Clean slate to write on

Happy New Year 2011, folks! Boy, 2010 went whizzing by or what? Though, like S said, instead of mourning for a year gone by too fast, I should look forward to adding many more new experiences in 2011. That's a great way of looking at it, no?

My 2011 got off to a flying start. First, we went on a family outing to a resort in Pondicherry. The weather was great, the company was great, the food was great and the beach was a stone's throw away. What more does a mini-vacation need?

Then, as if my cup of joy was not full enough, this happened: I went to the in-house spa to get a massage done. The masseuse first asked me if I was a student. Amused, I said no and stated that I was working. We continued talking about some other topic. In reply to a question, I started off saying, "Yes, my husband and I..." only to be interrupted by the masseuse with a, "What, you are married?" followed by, "Oh, then you must be newly married.". I am told I wore a cat which has drunk milk expression for the rest of the day.

Before touching the big 3-0 last year, I was briefly depressed and felt that as soon as I turned 30, I would be standing with one foot in the grave. Only after turning 30 did I realize that except for filling in new digits next to my age in application forms, absolutely nothing had changed. I was going to be as old or as young as I felt and not as dictated by the number of years I had spent on the planet.

Still, it was a total cheap thrill to think that I had looked young enough that particular day to be assumed a student. Especially, since being ID-ed is something which happens more and more infrequently these days!

Yup, like I said, this New Year got off to a flying start :-D!

Here's to a wonderful 2011 *clink*.


Anita said...

:) too much.

SK said...

LOL! We are forever young girls arent we? ;--) It sure is a great way to start the new year :--))

Saumya said...

:) That never fails to please a girl huh :) Happy New Year to you and S.

Dimplicious said...

"I am told I wore a cat which has drunk milk expression for the rest of the day."

Haha..loved it!!:)

Archana said...

Yeah, yeah - nice feeling only :-D!

Ram said...
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Ram said...

I was searching about Vidadhu Karuppu and trying to find if someone else is as hooked as I was. Althogh my dad was marketing it back in the days, I WAS in school and didn't really get to understand it that much.

But, I watched the whole thing. Back to the point, I discovered your blog and wow you are very cool, quite an interesting person. I've decided to go through your blogs when I'm at work, waiting for the shots, I can relate to many of your posts, makes me feel home. It's gonna be great.

If you visit Toronto again, it would be awesome to meet you.

Archana said...

Ram - thank you for the compliments. You totally made my day :-D. I was wondering what shots you were talking about till I read your comment on the other post and realized you are in some movie-related industry. How cool is that!!!

Ram said...

Dont thank me, I should thank you for such a great blog. Your blog puts a smile on my face.

Sorry about the confusion, I should have mentioned I am a visual effects artist/lead working for some of the Hollywood movies that we get in Toronto, some Canadian movies. I started working for Tamil movies in India after college. Then wanted to work for English movies and here I am.

Don't stop blogging :D

Archana said...

Ram - I still maintain: what a totally cool-sounding career! Yup, yup, shall continue to inflict my thoughts upon the masses :-P!