Monday, January 10, 2011

Weird tag lines

I simply *had* to write about this somewhere. When stocking our kitchen after we moved into our new place, one of the things we bought was maida (all purpose flour). Now, I am quite used to some desi products having funny-sounding names (kali mark, bovonto, seval-mark beedi (translated to cock-mark beedi), sudermani veti, poomer veshti, Bommi nightie etc. etc.). But the new love for having tag-lines associated with products have me reeling again.

So our maida had the brand name Naga. The tag-line? Naga - the glow of satisfaction.

??!?! So the maida glows or it glows when made into parathas or the Naga company owner's face glows when he sees the profits? No idea. What an irrelevant and weird tag line for an edible item I thought.

Then I saw this ad on TV today: Naga bubbly-bubbly maida. Complete with a lady singing about her bubbly bubbly son and bubbly bubbly husband and how they eat bubbly bubbly parottas made with bubbly bubbly Naga maida.

I tell you, this company needs a new marketing team, stat.


subbulakshmistoned said...

It is the lack of the marketing team, I tell you.

kadar said...

cock mark sounds not so good make it rooster mark beedi. btw, do u like to fag it???
glow of satisfaction. thy made u to speak abt it kno this is wat their success. no matter its good or bad they need the people to speak abt the brand.

send them some of your idea by e-mail. if thy like it u might be rewarded isn't??

send my % for the idea i gave u.....

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats this ad in Telugu (No,I think there are others in this category,but i repress those memories)

Triple X detergent soap,samskaaramanthamaina soap.

(soap with sanskaar! really!,wow!)


Archana said...

Subbu - I know!!!!

Kadar - I did not suggest cock-mark - that was *their* translation! With a negative memory associated with the product, I think I will go out of the way to avoid it!!

Anon - LOL :-D. Soon they will be looking for a groom for that soap - hahah!

Reflections said...

Good sense of humor.

Archana said...

Reflections - :-)!

Saumya said...

Ahh...the glow on your face when you sock the Naga brand ad manager at a conference!

Archana said...

Saumya - that would be one bright glow, I tell ya!