Monday, October 24, 2005

Bad hair day

I have always had a head full of hair. Apparently even when I was born the nurses and doctors in the hospital expressed surprise as I had a head well-endowed with thick wavy hair in spite of being born some 20 days early. Things did not change as I grew up. Everyone used to exclaim upon seeing my thick tresses. Hairdressers used to get exhausted by the time they got through the entire jungle on my head. Jungle? Yes, you read right. For though some people seemed to envy all that hair, I was sick of having a mane which made me resemble "sai baba" on the slightest provocation. I had also had enough of the "birds nest" and "medusa on a bad morning" remarks from the non-admirers. So after spending years trying to cut it into a manageable shape, I grew my hair out and thick pony tails became my all time in vogue hairstyle.

Then I joined the hostel. And for the first time in my life I understood what others meant when they complained about falling hair. Every time I got anything anywhere near my head, my hair fell. I felt close to tears whenever I had to have a hair wash. All my previous curses unfortunately worked and within a year, my hair volume had decreased by half :-(. Hairdressers no longer sighed in despair when I landed at their parlours. Other than that, I was still stuck with wavy, frizzy and now thin :-( (by my hitherto lofty standards) hair. I just decided it was my lot in life and finally accepted it.

Then I got to come abroad for my graduate studies. For the first time in my life, I saw that for most part, all women had nice frizz-free, well-styled hair. It then struck me that not all these women could have been born that way. My eyes were then opened to a whole new world of hair care products. Gels, mouse, hairspray, shine serum, smoothing milk - you name it! My purse had found a new outlet! A believer of miracles, each time I went to the store I would come back with a new hair care product to try out. For the first time in my life I actually got some say in what my hair looked like. But since it was mostly trial and error I had to leave the results to luck more than anything else.

Then the straightening rage hit. I had gone to India for vacation and even ppl with super straight hair were getting chemical straightening done. My sis urged me to try it too and I was like "why not?". I spent a good 4 hours of my life at the parlor while the hair-dresser patiently straightened every unruly hair on my head. When she was done, boy, was I pleased! For the first time in my life I could safely let my hair free and I had got a whole new look. Compliments poured in. And, most importantly, for the first time in my life I could not see any frizz!! Hallelujah!

That was over a year ago. I had done the semi-permanent straightening and the effects have begun wearing off. I am once again fighting a losing battle with frizz. My cosmetics cupboard has dozens of half-used bottles of sprays, serums, lotions and creams all of which promise to reduce frizz. I wish I could tell you that I have found a miracle cure - but not yet. I really think I should ask one of those well-groomed women how they do it. In the mean time, if you are selling any anti-frizz solution, let me know. I will buy a bottle.

And a last sign off thought:


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spark said...

first time here, ma'm. keep writing. :)

Archana said...

Oh no, how did you find me out?? I was trying to maintain as low a profile as possible! Thanks for dropping by though :-). And yup, the blogs shall roll!

spark said...

i searched technorati for all those who link me and i found you 2nd on the list. so here i am... low profile ;-) some in cse2001 will be here hopefully

Saranya Kishore said...

Hi there
Came by from Spark's blog.

Interesting blogs. :--)

Archana said...

Spark: Oh well, if I am caught, I am caught :-).

Saranya: I read your blogs on a fairly regular basis :-) (got the link from Spark's page). I really like the way you compile normal happenings into a compelling read.

Shilpa said...

Hey Archu,

U think u have a bad hair day ? I would say I have a bad hair life !
They have a mind of their while I have to wash my hair everyday...I don't know if it would straight, curly or wavy !

Archana said...

Hehe :-). I will never forget your "I look like a witch" mail ;-)!

rads said...

omg! you sound like my twin. I dressed up as Medusa for halloween last year! Thought, heck why not use the curls as a costume.