Monday, October 31, 2005

Now you know why!

I cribbed about moving in a previous post. Well, here are the pics from my move yesterday (btw, while I am at it, my friends were a GREAT help with the moving). The first one is the scene at my old house when I was almost done with all packing. The second one is the current state of my new house. Now I have to unpack, arrange everything and settle down. Its going to be a looooong week. Sigh! But yeah, at least I like my new place :-)!


And now:


Shilpa said...

Moving is a pain...!

hey put pics of ur house after u "settle in" .

Archana said...

Yup, will do! You wont believe it - I unpacked nearly 8 boxes yesterday and I STILL can't see any decrease in the number of belongings still on the floor. Now I am scared about buying *anything* at all.