Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Eye candy

Don't judge a book by its cover!
There is more to a person than just looks!
All that glitters is not gold!

All these age old maxims do not count at all when considering people for one particular purpose. Eye candy!

Eye candy, n., is defined as a person (in my case, male) who is soothing to the eye to look at. For the beholder, an eye candy's only job is to look good. So nothing else - a horrible character or non-existent intelligence or a squeaky voice or any of the million other turn-offs - even come into the picture. As long as they can provide something good to look at in an otherwise drab landscape, they are good to go!

A while ago, I was talking with a friend who is from the same undergrad college as me. During the course of conversation, I asked him if he had found many girls at our college attractive. He smiled and said happily, "Yes". And then asked me, "What about you? Did you find many guys good-looking?"

I thought a bit and then said, "Hmm, I think I found exactly three guys great looking in all my four years there." My friend was startled, "Three? Just three in four years?" I said "Yeah." There was a brief silence and then he finally said, "Wow, you must be having high standards then."

The unsaid thought hung in the air: Only a Catherine Zeta Jones can root only for Keanu Reeves clones.

I was just beginning to get all defensive when it struck me, "Wait a minute, we are talking about choosing eye candies, not the president of the country or life partners!" For eye candy purposes, the beholder can be as picky as they want to be about the eye candy without giving any thought to any aspect of themselves :-)!

So, I continue to adhere to my supposedly "high" eye candy standards. In places I frequent regularly, if I get lucky, I manage to locate eye candies. It was smart (unfortunately, no longer so :-() H in undergrad and Greek-God-like G in Davis.

At work, W holds the coveted position. Which was why I was extra thrilled when W not only noticed my new haircut but also complimented it :-D. I did say eye candies really don't have to interact with me, but they do get extra points if they have something nice to say about me :-P.

p.s. Before you start getting ideas, W is happily married to a female eye candy.

p.s.1. To make sure you have no doubts about the definition of eye-candy, here is an example. A picture speaks a thousand words and other blah but I put this pic up mainly because, as scintillating (hehehe) as my writing may be, Maddy's face does enliven the post a bit more, right ;-)?


vishesh said...

poor guy...maddy கூட competitionla remba tough....

btw.u know he is married??one of his houses is in the same lane as my school...you shld have seen when he first came..many of the gals were searching for your eye candy...guess you have to share... lol :-)

Anonymous said...

sigh ... wrong time to look at maddy's pic.

Who's H? Do I know H? Who's H?

Archana said...

vishesh - lol :-)! Kalyanam aana enna, for eye candy purposes there is no limit to sharing - heheeh! BTW, Maddy's wife looks very ugly though - opposites attract pola!!!

Anon - why, why wronog time? You must have seen H for sure.

Mark IV said...

if the purpose of an eye candy is jus to give u the momentary joy of.... umm... sight-adichufying, why not lower the standards and increase the joy level....

(guys, on de other hand, wld tell you nothing less than ash and sush to impress them- but ANYTHING white, curvy and moving is a home run, including flying chalk and mile stones: goes on to prove guys IDOLIZE gals!!)

Entropy said...

so much tamil in the comments ! i got the part about it being tough to compete with maddy. but what is 'sight adichufying' ? please explain.

also don't you like arvind swami too ?

and anish trivedi ? good looking, cultured, literate and a good writer ! eye candy plus plus.


Archana said...

mark iv - That's true - but my eye regular candies serve for longer periods of time due to my QA process :-P! LOL - that's a funny way of putting it :-))!

Zen - sight-adichufying is somewhat equivalent to ogling :-)! Oh, Maddy was just an example - of course, there are lots of others :-D! Anish Trivedi? Hmm, let me look him up. BTW, "Eye Candy plus plus" is a neat term!!

Abhay said...

the femmes who r eye candy know that, but they want to be noticed only by the guys whom they think r eye candy ! that's the irony.

ps : a survey shows that 99% of the 'eye candy' category have croaky/shrill/unbearable voices :P

Archana said...

Abhay - lol :-)! I guess God has to compensate someway!