Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just a post

Okay, I really don't have anything even halfway interesting to say. Still a post is a post (ah, this pearl of wisdom needs to go into the Great Quotes Hall of Fame).
  • I think I am in love all over again. This time with the soundtrack of the movie Mozhi. All the songs have been playing on a continuous loop at both work and at home for nearly two weeks now and I am not yet sick of them. I think all the songs have super awesome lyrics (thank you, Uncle :-)) which add a LOT to their beauty. Thanks are in order to my friend A who first pointed me to the soundtrack. Some more thanks to the absolutely so-so (at least that's what I think so far) soundtrack of the movie Sivaji which prompted me to switch over to listening to other soundtracks. p.s. Question for all you Tamil speaking readers: What does madanthai mean in Tamil?
  • I finally resumed my fitness classes this Tuesday. Thanks to my India trip and my LASIK surgery, I think this is the longest break I have had from them in two years - a total of seven fitness class-less weeks! As expected, I discovered that my fitness levels currently suck *sigh*.
  • Why is the California weather so unpredictable? After having mostly glorious weather for the past two weeks, the past two nights have been super cold. In spite of me wearing socks, sweater and the works before sleeping. Of course, my body decided to show it disapproves of this abrupt weather change and I am down with a sore throat today. Am busy taking preventive measures before it can turn into anything full-fledged. Also bunked my fitness class today - so much for proudly resuming them! Sheesh :-(!
  • I watched Alaipayuthey again the past weekend after ages. Maddy looked absolutely adorable :-). However, though I still found the first half of the movie very cute, I found a lot of holes in the logic in a lot of places. Whatever happened to the movie which I thought was unqualifiedly great? Maybe I have grown up now - hmm!
  • This year, I finally called up my friend V on the correct day to wish him for his birthday - I am proud of my improving memory! Though I admit I used a reminder. But hey, I at least had entered the right date in the reminder system! Ah, third time is always lucky :-)!
  • Did you know toasted sour-dough bread with olive oil and freshly ground pepper tastes awesome? It does, try it.
I can't think of anything else to bore you with. So ciao and hey, weekend is almost here :-)!


sk said...

Your just that post is also very enjoyably readable. :--)
Yes weather has been unusually cold, right after I did a major shopping for summer clothes! :--(
Lots of links in this post ;--)
What happened to your India posts? ;--))

iamvisheshur said...

lol i liked the songs too...the movie was amazing!!

Anonymous said...

You are most welcome.

-- A :)

A Delusional Dude said...

Madanthai is a stage in a woman's life. These stages are not based on age but on mental maturity. Pesa Madanthai is a character in a Vikramaadithan story, who, unlike Jo in Mozhi, can speak but refuses to do so for some weird reason till the King Vikram tells her a story to evoke her curiosity and makes her talk.

The Kid said...

is Mr. Vairamuthu your uncle?

Archana said...

Saranya - thank you :-))! Not to worry, summer will soooooon be here (I hope!). Yup will post on that too soon!

iamvisheshur - I know!!

A - :-))!

Delusional Dude - :-)! Thanks for the detailed explanation - makes sense now! Nee ippadi oru Tamil pulavar-nnu enakku theriyadhu!

Pratap - nopes!