Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Blog!

After all the nice things my blog had to say about me forgetting its birthday last year, I learnt my lesson. So dearest blog, a very happy birthday to you :-)! You have already turned five! My my, growing up fast, aren't we?

In spite of all your assumed modesty, I bet you already think you are great. Nothing wrong in just thinking, huh? At any rate, must say I am really glad to have you around. I would lionize and praise you a lot more, but am feeling darn sleepy today. So will conclude with another "Happy Birthday, old thing :-D"!


The Book Talker said...

Wow! Five years of regular blogging is commendable.

I never thought I would be following a blog regularly. There cannot be a better summary to your blog than describing it in your own words "A collection of random thoughts. Most of which are light. None of which will ever change the world". Blogging about lighter things in life is what I like the best in your blog.

Happy Birthday, "A Rupee For My Thoughts!". Many happy returns of the day!!!

vishesh said...

happy birthday!!may the goggle lord bless you!!

Anonymous said...

5 years? Man, I cant believe you sustained interest in almost every post in the last 5 years.

Way to go! :)


sk said...

Happy Birthday to Archana's blog! :--)) And long live!
btw, I think your blog was pretty dormant the first two years right?

T said...

maybe god-of-the-blogs grant you all the wishes you might have today.

Anita said...

cool! am seriously impressed. you go girl.

rads said...

5 years? U serious? :O

am hugely interested to know if the cake u are cutting is a black forest cake and if so, next time you buy, please send me some. I'd kill for a piece right now :(

Archana said...

Book Talker - thank you so much :-D!

Vishesh - lol :-)! I sure hope s/he does!

Anon - thank you :-)!

Saranya - thank you :-)! Yup - pretty dormant first three years - been activity since 2005 :-)!

T - thank you!

Anita - :-D!

Rads - yup, yup - though only 2 active years :-)! That's a black forest cake, which I cut in India on my birthday. 'Twas super yummy *slurp*. I wish I had some to eat right now too :-(!