Monday, April 16, 2007

Meetings - take 2

This Dilbert comic about correctly predicts my work day today and tomorrow.

Hmm, wherever would we all be without meetings?

I guess at our work stations, actually working :-P!


sk said...

Heheh very funny ;--)

Archana said...

sk - heheh :-)!

iamvisheshur said...

hmm.... ur imood reads confused..thats interesting...confused to do work or not to do work?

Anonymous said...

Am printing this out for my desk, so my manager and other employees get some more hints.

Archana said...

iamvisheshur - lol :-D - no relationship between post and mood :-)!

Anon - I had some wild idea of posting it in a meeting room - then decided to not be too smart :-P

Ginkgo said...

if you click on the meetings link, takes me to another page wher it says 0 comments..
Post within a post eh :-)

yeah, commenting on the original post, I remember this comment from the security guy when I first joined my current one, "Where will this firm be without meetings..Jeez.."

Monika said...

he he, dilbert never fails.... nice blog i enjoyed reading almost all posts

Archana said...

Ginkgo - I was just thinking of "link", hehehe - post within a post sounds nice though :-))! I know - most places thrive on meetings :-(!

Monika - thank you :-D!