Sunday, August 26, 2007

I wonder I can pick enough hair strands off the carpet of my apartment every week to comfortably cover two adult-sized heads and still not go bald. Either my hair is regrowing at an astonishing rate while I sleep or there are a lot of spare hairs on my head I am not aware of (am not complaining either way).

...why Shah Rukh Khan can't abandon acting in the K3Gs and KANKs of the world and instead act in more movies like Chak De India. Chak de... is a wonderful movie!

...why flight fares have the annoying habit of going up by at least $30 within the span of the 12 or so hours you need for further planning before you can actually buy them after first checking them out. I persuaded myself to voluntarily re-watch I (heart) Huckabees, once in my list of the most terrible English movies I have ever seen. Now it is merely on the list of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. This poem from the movie has in fact made it to my list of favorite quotes:

Nobody sits like this rock sits.
You rock, rock.
The rock just sits and is.
You show us how to just sit here and that's what we need.


...why some desis have this habit of wearing dressy Indian clothes when going to watch an Indian movie. I agree there are not too many occasions out here to flaunt the lovely clothes from India. But wearing a flashy ghagra with matching accessories especially to "celebrate" the occasion of watching Chak de India seems just a little bit weird.

...why the Greatest College Hits (from the 80s) cassette in my car has caught my fancy so much. It has been going on in a continuous loop in my car for more than two weeks now. I especially like listening to this song:

and this song:


Thanu said...

Maybe they came to watch the movie after attending a wedding?

Archana said...

Maybe - I am not sure though. I have seen this happen a lot of times, irrespective of the movie time ...

rads said...

Lovely song - nothing's gonna stop us. Aw, nostalgic now :)

lol@hair. Tell me about it!

Altoid said...

Hair loss! I could make a small wig with the hair I find around the house.....and to top it, the salon lady tells me hair is thin. I want to show her the wig and prove her wrong.

Thanks for stopping by.


Anita said...

Hey i have this CD and tape. It is quite addictive:)

Ah listened to it in one stretch of my Konkan trip and it makes for an awesome travel companion.

Archana said...

Rads - heheh :-D!

Altoid - welcome aboard :-)! Really - where does all that hair come from!!

Sindu - no, you don't have the tape any more. Remember, you donated it :-D?

T said...

you know whats really really wierd.
anindita loses hair like insane.. every week when we vacuum, we collect enough hair to make tirupathi look bad.. and it all grows back even faster..
BUT i lose a little bit of hair here and there and thats the last i see of them..

Anita said...

ah, of course. thats how you got the tape. enjoy! and in case you get impressed by the alan parsons project song, don't think of buying their collection. the rest of the songs are terrible.

Archana said...

T - i lose a little bit of hair here and there and thats the last i see of them.. LOL :-D!

Sindu - Oh, good you told me! I thought that song sounded pretty cool too!

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Funny I ran across your comment tonight. I just put up a post about Hot Tracks, the Doordarshan program from the 80s.