Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It is a firefly...

It is a flashing speck of dirt!


Am up and awake to check out the eclipse. It looks awesome cool :-D! If you are in the americas/australia/eastern asia, go poke your head out of the window right now (exact details here).

Yeah, am sleepy now. Tata folks... zzzzzzzzzz!

p.s. Did you say my camera sucks at astronomy pictures? Yeah, I already know :-)!


vishesh said...

lol if it had been a guessing game...i would have won....

i know the normal cams can't get it properly :P

Anonymous said...

u r crazy!

K2K said...

I didn't even think about using my camera to take the picture of the moon during eclipse ;-) Was the moon red in color during the eclipse?

Archana said...

Vishesh - heheheh :-D!

Anon - don't know about crazy - but sure am sleepy now :-(!

K2K - smart move! It was a dirty brownish color I thought...

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rads said...

Nice picture :) Feels real, that the professional ones!

waiting to hear what adventure you went on over the weekend ;)

SK said...

:--) Niceee.
I didnt have the energy to stay up to see it.

Archana Bahuguna said...

I had gotten really excited about some shooting star thing last year when I actually woke Inder from sleep around 12 am and we both drove in the night to an unlit woods area so we could observe the "beautiful" sky. Only we could see nothing. :-(

Good you got something ... :-)

Archana said...

Krishna - welcome aboard!

Rads - indha nakkal konjam over-aa illai!!

SK - I did not stay up either. Used an alarm. Boy, was I disoriented when it rang!!!

Archana - somehow these shooting star/meteorite thingies always flop for me too :-(! At least there were no clouds to hinder lunar eclipse viewing - phew :-D!