Sunday, August 05, 2007


Time and again, I have heard quite a few people complain about their (former and current) room-mates. I am usually a passive listener in all such conversations. When someone asks me for my input, I answer truthfully, "Oh, I have gotten along fabulously with all my room-mates right since my undergrad days in the hostel. In fact, I am in touch with most of them still and we are good friends." And people suspiciously ask, "You did not have problems with even one room-mate of yours?" and I just shake my head, "No."

At this point, there are gasps of disbelief. Some people then say, "Wow!" while the more charitable ones say, "Oh, you must have a very nice and adjusting personality then." To the latter I always react with, "No - I was just lucky I guess." To which people inevitably reply, "Don't be modest!"

Well, recently I was proved right - O boy, o boy, don't I love it when I am right :-D. I do have buttons which when pushed (even by people I usually get along well with) can annoy the heck out of me. Keep pushing them and there is your murderess in the making! So I was right all along - I have been extremely lucky in getting great room-mates (in most cases, pre-chosen) and great friends who hardly ever push(ed) those buttons. And the entire credit goes to them.

Thank God for friends. In particular, thank God for giving me great friends. Each of you is so important to me in so many ways and you make my life even more wonderful :-D!

Happy friendship day folks :-D!


SK said...

Happy Friendship Day Arch! You sure are one lucky lady. And you also have a way of getting a place in people's hearts. :--)

Kaarthik said...

Happy friendship day, Archana!

rads said...

oh really! Gosh, I remember making these weird colorful funny little nads with thread/wool and giving one to each of my friends those days. Happy memories. :)

Happy day to you too Arch!

maverick said...

I have been living with roomies since when... gosh frm 8 yrs n really never had any problems. well, i had problems here n there, but not of the serious type, infact of the funny type after which we became even closer :)

btw here frm SK's blog, n enjoyed it all thru.

Archana said...

SK - thank you :-)! That is such a sweet thing to say - thank you :-D!

Kaarthik - hey! Thank you!

Rads - Hehehe! We used to make those too :-D!

Maverick - Welcome aboard! You are also one of those lucky characters then :-)!