Friday, August 17, 2007

Public service request

If anyone knows if Jyothika and Surya finally had their baby, please let me know. Quite a few people in the past two weeks seem to have landed on my blog hunting for "Jyothika+Surya+kid", "Did+Jyothika+have+baby" etc. etc. And they all landed on this post which obviously was of no help.

Seeing the amount of interest in a topic which ideally should be concerning Jyothika and Surya the most made me make up mind to have a more "informative" blog. Please help! Thank you.

p.s. I suppose I could google myself. But when there is an even easier way, why not use it :-P?

Update: Kuttichuvaru has added the important info in the comments section! Thank you, KC :-)!


kuttichuvaru said...

yeah... they did hv their baby girl a week back.... last friday!!

apparently, they wanted their baby to be born on aadi vellikizhamai n so opted for a C-section.....

another 15-16 yrs down the lane, a new heroine is ready :-)

ivvlo info pothuma??

vishesh said...

lol top comedy:) before this post appeared in my google reader,a post on it is there in another blog which i follow :P super:) ella rendu cinema stars ku!!cha engapa ulagam paiduchu!!

Archana said...

Kuttichuvaru - thank you, thank you :-D! Enna aal-adayalamey kaanum these days?

Vishesh - hehehe :-)! I know - so much interest in such topics of international significance ;-)!

kuttichuvaru said...

yeah.... been otherwise busy ;-) inime pudikkarthu kashtam thaan :p

n btw, another update!! the baby's name is Diya!!!