Sunday, March 02, 2008

Not about any particular thing

Seems like I have been away from my blog for quite a while now (~10 days of no-posting is a long time - for me). My brain simply seems to have dried up and is currently devoid of topics to write about. That being the case, I should probably quietly close the browser window about now. But then, ha - when was the last time I listened to reason?

Anyways, past couple of weeks have been fairly hectic and stressful at work. Everyone has been coping up decently well though, doing whatever it takes to remain sane.

- The other day our manager wanted to talk to my colleague T. "T", she called, as she walked towards his cubicle. Once there, she was puzzled to see his chair empty - she had just seen him entering his cube. That was when she spotted T hiding under his table. She burst out laughing and T said mock sadly as he got up, "Oh man, she found me. Now I will get more work."

- H had been doing a lot of development work and had been lagging behind on writing the unit tests. One fine day, he reported during the status meeting "Oh, I finally wrote a couple of tests today". Another colleague, K, immediately grinned and piped up, "Oh, that's why I saw pigs flying outside today." I have heard people say "that's why it started raining" to express disbelief. But using the pig phraseology in this context was new to me and completely cracked me up (I was also imagining a pig wearing a pink night-cap and flying). I think I was stifling my laughter for the entire duration of the status meeting.

- One of my colleagues recently returned from a trip to Europe. He had brought back Cadbury's chocolates for everyone. For some reason, they reminded me of India and I simply loved them. Towards the end of the day, I walked into the kitchen and found a last half piece of chocolate still left. With glee, I announced, "I am going to eat this last piece" when my colleague D swooped in behind me and grabbed the last piece. I turned around and gave him a glare which would have probably melted Mt.Everest. D meekly put back the last piece and walked away. Moral of the story: Never mess with a girl and her chocolate!

Appropos of nothing, I learnt a new descriptive phrase from Wordsmith's 'A Word a Day' mailing list (which btw, is completely awesome) last week. How many of you folks have encountered a Job's comforter at some point in time?

p.s. Whoever would have thought there would been an actual Wikipedia article titled "When pigs fly"? Wikipedia rocks!


rads said...

Girl! "I am going to eat this last piece" when my colleague D swooped in behind me and grabbed the last piece. - D was probably saving you from an old old beliefe - Never eat teh last piece or you'd remain single all your life :P

hehe, hiding under the table was just hilarious. :)

SK said...

Arch, heheh,
"never mess with the girl and her chocolate" sounds right! :--)

Hope your workload is reduced sooooon, so we can get more blog posts. :--))

Joy said...

I can't imagine someone under his table in office. I agree with you on the choc front. Good that you gave him a glare.

J said...

never knew those words. thanks for the info!

Altoid said...

:), hopefully you've heard of dog and pony show? Or ducks in a row?

Aside, been curious, how's the heater working out for ya?


lepus townsenfi said...

Good one after a span of 10 days...

Archana said...

Rads - lol :-)! The version of the old wives tale I know states that eating the last piece will get you married soon - heheh! Net-net, no effect seems to be correct answer!

SK - thank you :-)!

Joy - hehehe - we do a lot of crazy things at work. I know!

J - hopefully you will get to use it :-)!

Altoid - cha :-( - you making fun of my English knowledge :-(. I have heard of "when pigs fly" - the logical related usage never struck me before :-). Heater ellam is stopped now. No longer that cold - yaay :-D!

Lepus townsenfi - thank you :-)!

sojish said...

Reached your blog purely by accident.

Liked your style of writing , especially the innocence in each blog. Its always a pleasure to see people who find happiness in little little things around them.

Keep writing .. keep smiling.

With a smile

Archana said...

Sojish - thanks a lot :-D. You just made my day :-)! And, welcome aboard!

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