Friday, June 04, 2010


Call me racist but I always used to think that highly flexible body movements were out of reach of Indian women. As graceful as many female Indian dancers are, I never thought flexibility was one of the strong points as far as the women were concerned.

I have eaten my words (and my prejudices) since I saw this video. Start watching from minute 3.00 if you want to cut the chatter.

Isn't that such a magical performance? The girl, Sai Pramoditha, has done her puppet act so well. So bendy, springy and flexible - wow!

As an aside, the show itself, called Jodi No. 1 Season 4, features several ultra-talented, creative and gifted dancers and choreographers competing (pretty civilly, I must say) with each other to get the top spot for the best dancer couple.

What a pleasure it is to watch a reality show that showcases such deserving talent!


Ginkgo said...

true..if there is one (or maybe 2) desi programs that Ive been hooked on..its this and one called boys Vs Girls..
try searching for an old boys vs girls program where one of the guys shows how will actors the likes of vijaykanth, vadivelu..etc do MJ's dance steps..

SK said...

She is good! Dances like a pro ballet dancer!

Archana said...

Ginkgo - I searched - couldn't find that episode :-(!

SK - I know! I really loved that performance!