Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Last week, for two consecutive days, whenever I walked in home after work, I smelt a strong orange smell at home. Wow - the mandarin oranges that I bought at Costco really do have a very strong smell, I thought. I asked S about it and he shrugged, "Maybe!".

On day three, I once again entered into a house smelling of oranges. I told S, "I bet the oranges are going bad - the whole house is smelling of them!"

I rummaged through the sack of oranges. Though I really couldn't smell the oranges any stronger at this close range and I couldn't find any spoilt oranges, I finally managed to find one misshapen, squished orange. I triumphantly pulled it out and said to S, "Aha, this is the culprit!". S asked, "Are you sure? This orange does not have any smell at all!" I stubbornly said, "This has to be it, there is no other source for the orange smell."

This was when I noticed that S was having an undefinable look on his face and was shaking silently. I demanded, "What?".

S burst out laughing, "Hahahahah - I found this orange-scented room-spray in one of the cupboards the other day and I have been spraying it every evening since then. I have to appreciate you though! You are one mighty talented detective - you so smartly deduced that the strong orange smell was coming from one squished orange with no smell in it whatsover - hahahahahah!"


How that orange-scented room spray came to be at home is a mystery still unresolved.


Bharathis said...

Surprised S could keep mum for three days successively!

Ram said...

funny... :) seems to be a true story...

Archana said...

Mom - I don't think he would have taken the effort had I not launched into detective mode on day 1 :-)!

Ram - welcome aboard! Yup, true story!

SF-1 said...

We are waiting for the next part of this blog. As you mentioned te mystery is about the orange scented room freshner. Looking forward for another write-up on that.