Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Debating point

Question for the day: Can deciding to not make a decision also be considered a decision? I came across the pointer to the Dilbert strip below from the Scott Adams blog.

In the third panel in the third row, Dogbert states "Your ultimate goal is to look decisive without making any real decisions". Is it always possible to "make" decisions without actually making one? Even if you do make a decision, can you ever find out if IS the right one? Or since the you did not experience the grass on the other side, you will never be able to tell? Or once you make a decision, do you just believe in it and not wonder about how following the other alternatives might have turned out?

(Of course, I am talking about big decisions here - not the "should I have oatmeal or cereals for breakfast" kind)

Random thoughts floating through my head - triggered by reading a comic strip. I think I think way too much!


Archana Bahuguna said...

I think making a decision when you are not very sure about its rightness, is taking a risk ... and either you will know whether you were right or wrong with time or never. So in short, it really does not matter once you have taken the decision. It mattes only before it. All about which choice feels more right, and then stick with it till lady wisdom dawns on you. Exactly, where probablity comes into play.

kuttichuvaru said...

echoosme..... enakku onnum puriyala.. so, me is skippin the thinkin part...

Shilpa said...

Noting making a decision is ofcourse a decision ! But the question is ... is that the right decision ? hehehe

when in doubt...flip a coin !

Kay said...

According to me think a lot before you decide, once u have decided dont think more about it :)

Saranya Kishore said...

I am very indecisive, so I put off making decisions until there is no longer a need to make a decision. Hm. Now does that qualify for deciding not to make a decision?!

And yes Arch, I think, too that you think you think way too much ;)

Vinesh said...

Definitely a decision!!

But if you decide to be undecided, then that is not a decision :-)

madsies said...

Yes..Deciding "not to make a decision" is a decision itself! Becoz at least u r sure enuf that u dont wanna make a decision.
And once you make a decision, u better darn be sure about it and dont think about it!
Why all this thinkings? Loose le vidda!

Archana said...

Archana, I totally agree with your point about "rightness of the decision" having a major role in how you "feel" about the decision. I guess once a decision is made, you HAVE to stick with it (most of the time) - but then regrets *might* come later.

Kuttichuvaru - lol :-D!

Shilpa - that's true :-). Flip a coin? I generally try to go with gut instinct but sometimes you cannot and that's when all doubts pop up!

Kay - Hmm, I guess thinking usually does not help any more in any case :-)!

Saranya - ah-ha, that sounds like an easy way out :-D! But what do you do when you HAVE to decide? BTW, just out of curiosity, which sun-sign are you :-)?

Vinesh - lol! I totally agree with that!

Madsies - I have seen that happen :-). I take that route too - but only very, very rarely. I find it easier to know a decision one way or the other rather than be in eternal suspense!

Wowie! Thats a LOT of "decision"s in one comment! Sorry to subject you all to torture - something's on my mind and hence I am into "think-overdrive" currently :-)!

Rahul Obla said...

Ah! Dilbert!..... I stopped reading that sometime back. Too complicated for my beutiful mind ! :o)

Archana said...

Rahul - I find some of the Dilbert strips extremely hilarious. But I guess an overdose makes me too cynical at work :-D! I can see you take good care of your bee-yoo-ti-ful mind :-D!