Saturday, March 25, 2006


I might quite possibly be the last one to get on, but I finally jumped onto the bandwagon! I succumbed to months of temptation and bought the iPod nano today :-D. Till I got to the store I was still debating whether to buy or not to buy. Then the sales-kid (note, I specifically say kid because he was probably just into his twenties) showed me his own iPod nano as the sample. My jaw hung open as I re-realized how extremely tiny and cute that thing is. Then the next realization hit that the that the kid owned one.

I walked away from the store with my own iPod nano :-))! From the time I came back home, I can't stop admiring it. Guilt ebbed away as I realized that I was happy just looking at it (ah, it sometimes feels real good to live in a materialistic world ;-)). Any remnants of guilt was washed away when both the friends whom I excitedly called and confided about my new purchase to sounded extremely delighted for me and positively implied that I needed an iPod in my life (ah, my dear friends, what would I do without them :-)).

So my cutie is charging right now. That's the iPod on my hand :-). I can barely wait to start using it. I already bought my first song at iTunes too - its Keith Urban's "You'll think of me." Long ago I had written about how I was smitten by the song. Well, I am still smitten by it and yesterday I actually took a detour while going home in my car just so the song (which was playing on the radio) could complete before I reached home :-/! No more detours :-)!

Now, to justify my iPod I am thinking of all sorts of new activities to take up. One is to jog everyday (hahahaha). Next is to train for a marathon (bigger hahahaha). Third is to walk everyday after dinner (hmm, finally something doable!). Let's see what happens.

Meanwhile I shall continue to droool :-D!

Update: I wrote all the above in the evening. Now, my iPod is all charged and ready. I must say Keith Urban sounds even more heavenly on the iPod :-D!


Rahul Obla said...

Hey .... welcome to the club :).An Ipod is more like an 'icon' for youth. It's money well spent and hv fun with it.

spark said...

heard of a song called 'appdi podu'? nee kalakku maa :-)

pona post comment purinja seri. ennavo andha word game ellam looked so girlish. amama naanga ellam idhai vilaiyaada maatom :-P

Floridora said...

Congratulations! Every day I see more evidence that generations are growing apart. I so admire and envy where you young folks are going. Have fun!
ps. Can you get Artie Shaw's music on that machine?

Saranya Kishore said...

Welcome aboard Arch! :)
Just yesterday a friend showed me his Nano and now you! :) May Apple go places ;) Actually gymming with iPod is lot of fun.

Archana said...

Rahul, thank you :-)! I think I have already started on the road to being a podaddict!

Spark, :-)! Ah, now I *have* to state a quote I read somewhere: When a man says it's a silly, childish game, it's probably something his wife can beat him at. Just replace "childish" by "girlish" and "his wife" by "a girl" and you got a new quote ;-)! Just kidding - not yet picked up my feminist baton again ;-)!

Floridora, thank you :-). I don't know who Artie Shaw is - but I did a quick search on iTunes, and they do sell his music :-)! So, are you getting an iPod now :-)?

Saranya - thank you :-)! Will see how exercise with iPod is!

KS said...

I want an iPod too !!
BTW, Calcutta, you said you were in CAL? Coool :)

Oh and the iPOD - I envy you :(

Rahul said...

I hope getting the white nano over the black one was a conscious decision :).

Archana Bahuguna said...

Cool, congratulations on ur ipod-nano. Have fun! :-)

Archana said...

KS - yup was in Calcutta - but that was a looooooong time ago! Your blog talks quite some about Cal - you stayed there?

Rahul - yup, conscious decision :-). That was the one "intelligent" question I asked the sales-kid before buying it "On which color do scratches show up lesser?" - lol!

Archana - thank you :-)!

Lalit Singh said...

If the iPOD can inspire one to exercise then i think i'll get one soon...

Sayesha said...

Hey Arch!

You got a nano?? Me jealous! :O I am hanging on to the last-gen ipod! :P

Enjoy the music! The way it should be enjoyed! :)

madsies said...

He he ! U 2 IPOD! Great and Long live Apple :)
u will not believe this but this "Keith Urban" was my first song too,on my Ipod!
hey @ my current situation Ipod is my inspiration at work too;)

Archana said...

Lalit, er, all those statements about marathon, jogging etc. are just thoughts - hehehe. However, these are quite "noble" excuses if you DO want to buy an iPod :-D!

Sayesha - :-)! Ah, its bliss listening to music!

Madsies - hi-five! Again, great minds...:-)!

Shilpa said...

Hey Archu,

Awesome ! Hv fun !

Now remember wat I told u abt accessories...hehehehe :-)

kuttichuvaru said...

I was jus thinkin over the weekend to buy one... was actually lookin at the Apple website for the specs n prices.... the same confusion of goin for it or not happened to me too, though I havnt made a decision yet... but this post kinda pushes it to the edge... will get it soon!!

Thanu said...

Have fun with u new ipod. Its real small so be very careful that u don't put it in ur back pocket and sit on it. Or accidentally toss it in ur laundry, while it is in ur pants pocket.

Hey u are not the last one I still haven't got one and I don't think I'll ever get one.

Ginkgo said...

so u beat me to it..:-)
Ive been thinking of buying one...

not sure when I'll bite the bullet..

Archana said...

Shilpa, I have already started down that road. For everything, there is always my discover card ;-)!

Kuttichuvaru - ah-ha! I would say: Go for it :-). You don't know what you have been missing till you own it. At least I did not know :-D!

Thanu - that's very true - its so light!! Hmm, I used to belong to the "I don't think I'll ever get one" club till recently :-P!

Ginkgo - yeah, yeah, I did! Hmm, lets see how long your resolve holds :-D!