Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jeena isi ka naam hai

So, for the past few days, for whatever good reason, a miracle has been happening viz. I don't feel too hungry and hence haven't been putting away too much food. Such "Acts of God" happen only once in a green moon and I have been thrilled - ha, a new, slimmer me - yipppeee! Yesterday I found out that I am getting slimmer alright. In my fingers. Yes, the only thing which has gotten looser is the ring on my right ring-finger. With so many potential spots from which body fat can melt away, I lose fat from my fingers. Sheeesh!
Yesterday, after I got home, I wanted to clear up the unwashed dishes in my sink. I turned on the tap and waited for the hot water. And waited. And Waited. Cold water continued to gush over my fingers and no sign of hot water. God, what happened? I quickly ran to test the other faucets in the house. At the end of all my tests, the only thing which happened was that my fingers were frozen to the marrow. As I sat in front of the heater, thawing my fingers out, it struck me that I was stuck with cold water in winter. A call to the apt office confirmed that the boiler was broken and wouldn't be fixed until the next day noon. So yours truly had a semi-shower in ice cold water this morning. Lazy me had of course chosen potentially contracting pneumonia over losing sleep and going elsewhere for a shower. But you know what, ice cold water has a way of waking you up completely! Nevertheless I hope they fix the boiler soon. Else I am planning to heat batches of water in the microwave and use it. Even if takes all morning tomorrow.
I can crib quite a lot about work and whenever I get the chance, I keep voicing my support for potential laws (if any) of bringing about four-day work weeks. But from time to time, it's brought back to me all over again that my work defines a lot of what and how I feel. This week has been hectic but productive at work - and hey presto, I feel rejuvenated. So, no matter what I say, turns out I am most at peace with myself when I have had a "good" day both at work and outside of it. I know it but still, I persist with my hopes of winning the lottery someday so that I never have to work again. But you know what, even if I do win the jackpot, somehow I suspect that I will still be voluntarily working.


spark said...

showering in cold water is the best way to shower :p and i seriously wish you win a lottery. btw, had fun on womens' day??

Saranya Kishore said...

* Hey fingers get thinner _after_ the rest of you, so you must be getting thin , really! :--)

* 'it struck me that I was stuck with cold water in winter'
Winter?? WINTER? Folks from Wisc, (read me), would laugh off if you call 40s as winter. ;) We should transfer you to Wisc, what say?

* 'So, no matter what I say, turns out I am most at peace with myself when I have had a "good" day both at work and outside of it."

Totally agree with this. Same with me too.

and btw, dont mind others making fun of your short break, I for one am 'glad' your resolution is to refrain from making such declarations than to keep them up! :)
Acho, too big comment-a poyiduthu.

spark said...

sk, i can't help observe that you speak pretty much like a mylapore maami (the 'poyidathu'). surprising to me :)

Archana said...

Spark - so say you! I wish for me too :-P!!

Saranya, that's encouraging :-). But my eyes tell me no :-(!

For me 40s is WINTER. I love snow - as long as I don't have to be anywhere near it O:-)!

Hmm, you know what, it just struck me that I did not even think of keeping up the resolution in future as an!

Shilpa said...


did it strike u that perhaps the cold water somehow melted away the fat and hence your fingers are thinner !!

If u win a lottery, don't forget your poor friend in Texas :-)

madsies said...

"Else I am planning to heat batches of water in the microwave and use it.">> err... Heard about using a Pot to "heat" water on a range???
40's is winter :~? Way to go on loosing weight!
BTW- Thanks Archana, I am feeling a lot better.

Archana said...

Shilpa, if cold water could melt away fat, I would have bath in cold water everyday ;-P! Sure, I will think of you as I spend my millions ...heheh!

Madsies, I don't own any "big" vessel. So a microwave or stove-top does not matter. Though, after discussing with friends (yeah, I am that jobless ;-)) we concluded that I could have used my pressure cooker for heating water! Good to know you feel better now!

Shilpa said...

Boo Hoo Hoo..nee ellam oru frienda ? How can u forget to take me along and spend for me when u 've won a lottery ?

Yeah if cold woulld "melt" fat...we would all hv a perfect figure by now hehehe

Rahul Obla said...

*my work defines a lot of what and how I feel*
Totally agree with it .... esp. if one is single!....Work gives meaning to life :)

And yeah .... don't talk abt winter and cold water to me!:(

Fat burn - No pain no gain madam!. So,ditch the cold water melts fat fundaa and hit the 'Treadmill'! :)

anita said...

hello! some of us work six day weeks cribbo. Now am in office on a bright saturday afternoon.

spark said...

happy birthday, girl

Archana said...

Shilpa, don't cry - I will take you along does a world tour sound? Goooooooodddddd? Okie - now start praying ;-)!

Rahul - lol! S and me were discussing Utopia where cold water burns fat - heheheh. Of course, in real life, sweat, blood and tears is needed...sigh! Jeena isi ka naam hai!

Sindu, ooopz, I totally forgot that there are people who are still praying for five day work weeks. My apologies!

Spark, thanks a lot :-D!

Rahul Obla said...

Hey Archana,

"Trevlig Födelsedag"!

Enjoy your day..... :o).

And yeah.... go Pisceans !!:o)

Shilpa said...

Hey bday ponnu,

thot u would put a new post today....nyways looks like u r busy doing TP
:-) Happppy Birthday

madsies said...

Happy B'day Archana:) Have a great day!

Archana said...

Rahul - Tacksomikat :-)!! Pisceans rule!

Shilpa - Thank you! More than TP, looks like I am destined to do a LOT of eating today :-)))...!

Madsies - thank you :-)!

Shilpa said...

Where do pisecans rule ?

Shilpa said...

oops sorry typo....i meant

Archana said...

They rule EVERYWHERE :-))!