Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Play time

I lifted the idea for this "game" from here . Its good fun to play :-)!

Reiterating the rules, basically you need to add a comment to the post stating which letters you got for word verification. You also need to add how you think the word should be pronounced and what you think the meaning would be.

For e.g., my word "definition" comment on that post had been this:



Pronounciation: hem-hef-cow

Definition: A cow which can't make up its mind.


What are going to come up with :-)?


Shilpa said...

Nice game !

I got the word : tqujj

Pronounced : t-que-jay

What it means: The tequilla addict

Anonymous said...

Word: pgachwdu

Pronunciation: puga-chchu-woodo

Meaning: A funny form of magic
that finds its roots in
the city of puga

-Archana Bahuguna

kuttichuvaru said...

word: dnljlioq

pronounciation: dun-laj-lio-que

meaning: a dumb being weak at pronounciations (like me)

rads said...

ok, madsies fwd the link, so I have to play now ;-p



Extra-ezhumalai-hid-wa[zhapazham] ;-))

madsies said...

word :ccpurcht

Pronounced: co-par-choot

What it means:Colorful Parachute!

Rahul Agarwal said...



maaf kiye jaao :)

For the non-Hindi speakers that means - Forgive as you go along (or something like that)

Archana said...

Hahahaha :-)! I can see there are very gifted wordsmiths here :-D!

Shilpa - can see u r still having hangover from ur weekend ;-)!

Archana - city of puga? LOL :-D!

Kuttichuvaru - na, you are not a dnljlioq!

Rads - welcome aboard :-)! And when you invite Shilpa over for lunch, please to include me also! And light-bulb me did not get the definition :-(!

Madsies - Somehow your definition reminded of our dear old parachute coconut oil!

Rahul - cool! Now they can write English songs "O baby, baby - mefqjav la la la" - lol!

BTW this is the word verification I got just now:

Word: adhdeukm

Pronounciation: adhe-u-kum

Meaning: Hey you, come!

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey I was ROTFLing at the meaning. :)
I am bad at this.

word: mivknl
pronounced: mee-veek-neel
meaning: Hey dont know. Someone fill up for me ;)
Probably: I am too weak on my knees to kneel?

Floridora said...


Pronunciation: Wok-Bon-New-Exy

Meaning: Work upon new high

madsies said...

Archana- lol@ dear old parachute!Thats WAS the intention and I am so glad you got it!

Archana said...

Saranya, hehehe :-)! See, its not that difficult to come up with new words :-)!

Floridora - wonder when I can use that word w.r.t my job ;-)!

Madsies - ah-ha, great minds....!

Ginkgo said...


Never try this on us again :-P

Archana said...

Gingko, now why do I have the feeling that you just made up that word verification :-P? Nice meaning though ;-)!

rads said...

o archana, I meant to say - extra elumalai hid the vazhapazham - as in banana :(

*sighs* that's what I get for using my pure tamizh! :D

Aidan said...

What ho!

I like the game.



Your eccentric buttler, Jonks, has contradicted you using logic (of all things) and this is the wittiest reply in your repertoire.

Archana said...

Rads - okie :-)! Bulb glowed finally!

Aidan - hahahah :-)! Okie, you can have the wittiest reply award :-P!