Saturday, April 29, 2006

Darna Zaroori Hai*

After reading a good review for DZH on Rediff, V, A and me decided on an impulse to go watch the movie last night - first day, last but one show. We reached the theatre as per plan, bought the tickets and then went to stuff ourselves with a good dinner. Then back to the theatre.

The movie was okay timepass. Nothing very great or very scary but at least it kept us engaged till the end. That is all the review I am going to give here. The main reason for this post is the wonderful members of the audience who sat in the row right behind V, A and me.

From the word go, or rather, from the time the Film Board certificate flashed on the screen, the group of 8 people right behind us (4 couples, I think) chattered non-stop - I doubt if they even paused to take breaths. Their range of subjects ranged from what was happening on screen to how they thought the scene should have been shot to what they thought of Ram Gopal Verma - quite a spectrum of topics, but at no time did its intellectual level ever raise to beyond being the torturously inane.


(Scene on screen: An obviously dead guy outside what has been mentioned many, many times in the movie as a graveyard)

Annoying Female in the row behind us (AF): Oh, woh kabristan hai kya? (Oh, is that a graveyard?)
Annoying Guy in the row behind us (AG): Haan. Lagta hai. (Yup. Looks like it.)
AF: Mar gaya kya? (Is he dead?)
AG: Haan. (Yup.)
AF: *giggles*
AG: Tee hee!
Me (muttering to myself): Don't kill them, don't kill them.

This went on for practically every scene in the movie. The four pairs sitting behind us multiplexed the chattering efficiently among themselves to make sure that there was never even one moment of silence right till the end of the movie.

You can imagine our plight. At some point, A, V and me, all three simultaneously (no, we did NOT plan it) turned around to glare at them for almost a minute. But no effect whatsover. As V put it, it looked like they were covered by some protective bubble which precluded anyone else from intruding upon their enchanting world.

Oh my God! Is it just me, or does everyone feel like throttling people who keep chattering in movie theatres continuously? An occassional comment is understandable, but torturing other movie-goers with non-stop vacuous conversation? I think theatres should have a safety mechanism in movie-hall seats whereby members of the audience who talk for more than five minutes when the movie is running will be ejected automatically from their seats and be dumped outside the theatre.

Till then, when you get stuck with such movie-goers in the theatre, darna definitely zaroori hai :-(!

*Darna Zaroori Hai roughly means "It is necessary to get scared".


kuttichuvaru said...

yeah i want to watch this movie too.... n I too hate such ppl!!

Archana Bahuguna said...

The conversation was very funny :-) the way you have described it "Kabristan hai kya?", "Mar gaya kya?". I know these people really need learn a lot of manners.

There are those who talk and then there are ones with cellphones with there mobiles ringing so hard and they shouting into it "Hello! Hello! yaar sunayi nahin de raha...". They really need to be stared at hard to be moved out of the hall. God! I feel like killing such people!

Prasanna said...

May be they read the title as "bolna zaroori hai"!

Prabhu said...

hmmm.. the review looks decent in rediff...should watch it sometime.

"Their range of subjects ranged quite a spectrum of topics, but at no time did its intellectual level ever raise to beyond being the torturously inane." --- I guess they really got to your nerve so much for you to say something like that :)

Archana said...

Kuttichuvaru - yup, the movie's good for watching once!

Archana - :-)! Oh ya, now that you mention, the cell phone users are the next most irritating lot... your "hello, hello..." example is sooo true!

Prasanna - Quite possible you know - and they did seem to take it very literally if that was indeed the case!!

Prabhu - Oh they got on my nerves and refused to budge :-D!

Ginkgo said...

ah too bad...
u shud watch a movie with me then

Archana said...

Gingko - err... exactly how does that help? Or are you saying that you will make so much more noise than those ppl, that I would be so busy trying to tolerate you and would not be able to hear them ;-)? Hmm, I still won't be able to watch movie peacefully na?

Anonymous said...

:) I love the conversation bit in between.. LOL.

I remember, once since glares did not seem to do the trick, I had to open my mouth and tell the mom and daughter pair to shut up coz they were spoiling an already torturous experience of watching Azhudha Ezhuthu.

Shilpa said...


Hey some ppl just don't get it with glares ( cos they r too busy talking)... next time tell them to shut up !

Sayesha said...

//Is it just me, or does everyone feel like throttling people who keep chattering in movie theatres continuously?

I'm with you there, girl! :)

Saranya Kishore said...

LOL! :)
If chattering durng movies can irritate you, imagine just _how_ frustrating it would be when people chatter around you at work :(, even if work related. Some people are so thick skinned, cant get the message.

Archana said...

Anon - hmm, did not see AE...saw Yuva only - thought it was okay! I shd also try the more direct approach from now on!

Shilpa - yeah, subtle hints apparently don't work!

Sayesha - atta girl! Thank you!

Saranya - ah, at least at work I have the option of jamming my ear-phones into my ears (mercifully I can work while listening to music). BTW, there is a dilbert comic strip specifically meant to get the message to thick-skinned office talkers :-)! You can get a printout and put it outside your cubicle/room ;-)!

Thanu said...

I can never stand ppl talking in theaters. Things I say to them
- Turn and ask, ayyo then what happened (if they are having a conversation, I act like I was interested)
- Or just painly ask, can u be quiet or talk softly (in the nicest manner possible).

I just can not stand these kind of ppl.

Archana said...

Thanu - LOL @ your first method :-D! I should try it out sometime!