Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Hullo folks! This is Archana's blog here. I know I have been maintaining silence all along - me being very discreet, modest and everything. But today looks like the day I need to break my silence to have some self-celebration. Ideally A should have done something about it and thrown me a surprise party and all but *sigh* since she has happily forgotten (hmph, I notice she wasted no time in making announcements on her special day), before the day ends, let me announce: I officially turn four years old today :-D.

Yup, I came into existence on e-blogger on April 25, 2002. A created me as a fad because some of her friends and other people she knew had created such accounts. Of course, after that, she wrote exactly two entries before forgetting me completely. Thankfully, all the hype about blogging reunited us last year. Since then, we connect at least once a week most of the time. And that's how, though I have been active only for one year, I am still four officially (hmm, four years sounds old and wise(!?!) in the blogging world)!

From being a for-her-eyes-only blog, I have evolved into something which is shared with other people too! Wheee - I am growing up :-)! I said I am modest but I admit *sheepish grin* - I am really enjoying the additional attention :-)! Thanks to all the people who take the time to pay attention to me. Some more thanks to all the people who also take time to fill up my comment-space and thus make me into an interactive two-way communication channel! This place has become even more lively and fun now!

A's a bit lazy and sometimes stays away from me - but I do know that she likes me a lot and cannot ignore me for too long. Here's to wishing Archana and me many more years of happy togetherness!

p.s. A should be back shortly. She's been a bit on the busy side lately (that still does not excuse her forgetting my birthday like this, though!). Thanks Prabhu and Saranya for asking!


anita said...

Good show blog. You have been doing a terrific job after the resurrection. Don't mind A. I did not for 26 and you are cribbing about a mere 4!

Saranya Kishore said...


I was wondering what was with the 4 :))

Hope you get more attention from Arch, thus treating us with nice stuff to read. :)

kuttichuvaru said...

Happy Bday A's Blog(Belated).....

Rahul Obla said...

Hey A's blog, Happy B'day !!.
It's been great knowing you. Have a blast on your birthday....
And btb, are you a He or a she ? :).

Thanu said...

Happy 4th B'day... wow u r are 4? I have really liked reading all ur post. My fav one is the one abt davis and cycles and how they were getting stolen.

Shilpa said...

Hey Happy Birthday blog !

4 years old ! Thats so awesome...

Don't feel bad if A ignores you..she is just moody ! Deep inside she knows that she cant live without u ;-)

Prabhu said...

A's blog!

Atleast A let you blog about your 4th birthday, I just realised P didnt even care about my 1st bday which was on April 13th. Anyways, wishing you more success on your 4th bday. Hoping to see more blogs from A.

P's blog :)

Archana Bahuguna said...

hush hush ... Hey :-).. this is the other Archana's blog ...Been wanting to talk to you. :-) So, wish you a very happy birthday ... What's it like being 4? :-) Heard from other blogs that you are celebrating a private secret party? Mind if I sneak around? I really like you :-).

And talk about not treating well? You see my owner has even named me by her name .. she is one narcissist ..

Anyways, I gotcha go, she 's coming. See you in the evening. I 'll be hiding near the fountain :-)

Archana Bahuguna said...

Archana, great post again. Great as in creative, original, interesting and humorous like fresh morning breeze.

As for our blogs, we need to have a plan. They are going out of control! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heres to many more years of successful blogging... :)

Archana said...

Sindu - yup yup, I shall try to put up with her too ;-)!

Saranya - now you know what was with the four :-)! I am hoping for more attention too!

Kuttichuvaru - thank you :-)!

Rahul - Thank you :-)! Hmm, I am a 'it' ;-)!

Thanu - thank you :-)!

Shilpa - yeah, A's too moody, I know! And yeah, she likes me too 0:-)!

P's blog - oh no, such ill-treatment :-(! Belated b'day wishes to you! And thank you for your wishes :-)!

Archana's blog - lol :-D! I think I had an instant dawning of wisdom as soon as I turned four ;-)! Looks like we both have narcissistic owners! I will catch u at the fountain :-D!

Archana - thanks a lot - that made my day! And hmm, don't slander our poor names, we have got a blogs-union you know ;-)!

Anon, thank you :-)!