Monday, April 03, 2006

Little things

So my previous post was a good ol' crib session about commuting. This is how the travel times for my four days of commuting looked like finally:

As you can see from the chart (yeah, I already know I am vetti, thank you very much ;-)), Friday evening's commute took the longest. And guess what, I was NOT as irritated about it as I was on Wednesday evening. The reason was, just as I was beginning to fume in my driver's seat, I saw something bright in the sky, ahead of me.

It was a rainbow :-)! Thanks to the brief burst of sunlight after the incessant rain, the remaining raindrops had acted like tiny prisms and filled the the sky with a splash of color. And as though to apologize for all the rain, it was not one of those fleeting two/three color streaks that generally pass off for rainbows. Instead the rainbow extended all the way across the sky so that an entire, bright arch was visible. And what's more, I could count all seven colors in it (the famous VIBGYOR sequence). It was an awe-inspiring sight and the magic I felt at that moment has to be experienced to be understood!

This rainbow stayed right until the sun started setting. Even as I inched along in the traffic, somehow seeing the rainbow made all the difference between tearing out my hair in frustration and calmly enjoying my communion with nature. Little nice things can make a whole lot of difference, right :-)?

Fun fact: Did you know that everytime you spot a rainbow, you see your own "personal" rainbow? Each person's view of a rainbow is slightly different from that of another person's because the orientation of the raindrops differs from person to person depending upon the view-point. So a rainbow you see is your very own :-).


Prabhu said...

Nalla chart. Some more details to add onto your already detailed description of your "commute times"
Mean (Time taken) = 45 mins
Median = 42.5 mins
Standard deviation = avvlo vetti illa!

I guess the reason for you not getting incensed over the traffic on the "rainbow evening" was bcos it was Friday!

Archana said...

LOL :-D!

Hmm, I agree, it being Friday evening was a very big bonus too :-D!

Saranya Kishore said...

I liked the fun fact. My very own rainbow!! Sounds sooo awesome :)
And ah, dont get me started on traffic. :( Why why why, does this place have to be so crowded. :((

kuttichuvaru said...

chart ellam konjam over thaan.... neengalum enna maathiri vetti thaan pola irukku :-)

fun fact was interesting!!

Thanu said...

I love seeing rainbows... it somehow gives me a temp happiness.

Archana said...

Saranya, I was totally thrilled the first time I heard abt it too :-). And reminded myself of it when I saw the rainbow that day too :-D! I bet half the population here is thanks to the desis!

Kuttichuvaru - correct deduction - hehehehe :-)!

Thanu - totally agree with you. Seeing a rainbow always lifts up my spirits !

madsies said...

Chart on your travel time - Wah!Wah! well... after all, the crib session that shoud have technically lasted for 3 fulls days,did end on a nice note!
"So a rainbow you see is your very own :-)." Very very nice.

Archana Bahuguna said...

Can imagine, how a rainbow can make a day :-), good for you. I remember a couple of years ago when it snowed in NC for about an hour some day (it almost never snows where we stay) I was so excited to look outside!

Shilpa said...

Hmmm...super chart ! Wats next..chart for time spent on cribbing ?

The rainbow fact was interesting. I din't know abt that. I guess it was the silver lining in ur cloud :-)

Rahul Obla said...

Really liked the fun fact about Rainbows !!.... :)

Archana said...

Madsies, thank you :-)! Yup, very nice note!

Archana - ah, when it snowed in Davis (first time in some 10 years or so), I went berserk :-D!

Shilpa, lol! Probably that chart would be a horizontal line on the high end of the number of minutes ;-)!

Rahul, me too, me too!

Mylaporeman said...

What if I capture the rainbow with my camera and show it to people? Then it won't be my very own rainbow or Would it be?

Enna romba over-a ;-))

logic said...

Started with a Grpahical analysis and ended with a fun fact.
This post looks perfect.

"Little nice things can make a whole lot of difference, right :-)?


Archana said...

Mylaporeman, this analysis konjam over thaan! BTW, in that case the photo would have the camera's own rainbow and not yours :-P!

Logic - perfect post? Wow! Thank you :-D!