Friday, April 14, 2006


Happy Tamil New Year folks :-)!


Shilpa said...

Happy New Year Archu !

Ginkgo said...

adada....kozhandai romba chamatha foto laam pottu wish panni irukke...

A very happy new year:)
may u do long drives on Route 1 and get more tickets:P

madsies said...

Happy New Year Archana :-)

@Ginkgo - Yenna marri orru vazhthakal, yen da yeddo long drive yin sonnay fine, addu yenna tickete??!

Prabhu said...

Iniya thamizh puthaandu vazhthukkal Archana.
Gingko - cop ellam ponnunga na ticket kudukka mattaan. Its true!, it happened to my frend in KY - the cop flashed lights for speeding and vekkame illaama "I would have called you for coffee if I were not for a cop" nnu soli vittutaan.
Worst fellow!

Anyways enjoy the weekend.

thennavan said...


Saranya Kishore said...

Hey Arch,

Happy New Year!! :)

Archana said...

Shilpa, thank you :-)!

Ginkgo - glad you appreciate it! Enna oru nalla ennam!! Why are you wishing tickets on poor me :-(!

Madsies - thank you :-)! Totally agree with your question...grr Ginkgo!

Prabhu - thank you :-)! Ah-ha, I think your friend just got lucky!

Thennavan - thank you :-)!

Saranya - thank you :-)!

Sayesha said...

Happy new year, Arch! :)

Rahul said...

Happy New Year guys !

Archana said...

Sayesha - thank you :-)!

Rahul - thank you :-)!