Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From bud to bloom

About ten days ago, I wrote about my new "garden". Now I am proud to announce the appearance of the first flower under my care :-)! Hoping this is the first of a lot more blossoms to come!

Taking a tentative peek at the world

Still a cute baby

Testing the waters

Spreading wings further

In full glory!

These pictures were taken on five successive days. The flower is still in good health and along with the rest of my plants, provides my morning dose of joy and pride :-D. And yup, all those streaks of water are proof of my diligent daily watering (and you were just wondering why they are there in the picture*).

Go plants :-D!

*actually those streaks of water came in on the days I forgot to take the picture before I started watering - but really, you have to give me credit for coming up with such a valid excuse :-P.


PRIDERA said...

Congratulations !
As they say "Fruits of your labour ... in your case "Flowers of your labour"

rads said...

aha, congratulations! :-)

you are having bright cheery flowers while i am cleaning up the few pots I have [no flowering ones though'] coz it's gotten cold outside :(

Thanu said...

Now u've got me all in the mood to go out and get me some plants of my own

Prasanna said...

beeeeeeautiful! proud of u lady!

Archana Bahuguna said...

Three cheers to you! You seem to be doing your work diligently. Please continue the good work. We are inspired. :-)

dinesh said...

Nice pictures...And good job !

Shilpa said...

Nice ! Good work girl !

The pics are pretty or shd I say the flowers are pretty ? !

Saranya Kishore said...

Woohoo!! :--) Nice :--)
They are absolutely pretty.
I am sure it is a great feeling to see something 'grow' in 'our' care. :--)

kuttichuvaru said...

nice work :-) both the flowers n the pics!!

dakaltiz said...

Lovely ones arch... continue your interest....

Archana said...

Pridera - :-)! Thank you!

Rads - thank you :-)! Its getting colder out here too :-((!

Thanu - do get plants! It sure has a wonderful cheering effect.

Prasanna - thank you :-)!

Archana - thanks a lot :-)! So, have you got your flowers yet :-)?

Dinesh - thank you and thank you :-)!

Shilpa - say both :-)!

Saranay - thank you :-)! So true, I feel proud!

Kuttichuvaru - thank you for both compliments :-)!

Dakaltiz - Thank you :-)!