Friday, September 01, 2006

To do or not to do!

Almost at the brink of the long weekend. Eeeeehaw :-D! For a change, I refused to succumb to any kind of peer pressure ("Oh, you are not doing anything for the long weekend" followed by a weird look) and have decided to sit at home for all three days. And I am actually looking forward to it :-D. A lot :-D!

However, I doubt there are other similar-thinking souls around. If you are one of them, here are some things you can do whenever you can spare time from eating and sleeping! I know all the reviews here are old news - if you missed on any of it, do it :-)!

Omkara: I watched the movie. I was not bowled over by it (I can never be bowled by movies which are depressing and this movie sure is depressing with almost all lead characters kicking their various buckets at the end). It is a very well made movie though. Watching the movie is upto you. However, do, do, do listen to the music! Every song in that movie is worthy of repeat listening. I become more obsessed with the music the more I listen to it. Now I am onto the "decipher the lyrics" stage for the non-item songs. I like the saccharine "jag ja re gudiya" song A LOT - you can almost hear the love in the song. The two jataaak songs have me tapping my foot involuntarily. All the slow songs have wonderful lyrics. Yes, I am in a state of musical bliss!

Sillunu oru kadhal: I think of late its been the duty of every self-respecting Tamil-music listening blogger to rave about the music of this movie :-). Like with all A R Rehman music, it took me a while to get used to and start liking the songs. However, the New York song is a winner from the word go! ARR has sung it awesomely well and every listening prompts me to listen to it once more. Most of the other songs are good too - but the New York song has warranted special repeat listenings all by itself.

Golmaal: This was a movie I went to with absolutely no expectations. Basically my friend K and I went for it since all the tickets for Omkara were sold out. And for a change, we got lucky (you should know that past "lets watch the movie just like that" movies included massive I-will-never-recover-from-it headaches like I Heart Huckabees and Joggers Park). This movie was good fun! It was absolutely logicless but the lead actors were having so much fun that it was impossible to not join in and laugh. Sometimes, even the not-so-funny jokes were elevated to higher levels by the spirited performances. Worth one watch for sure. Perfect for a rainy afternoon when you need some cheering up.

Pride and Prejudice: Nothing I say can ever express my appreciation for this book enough. I have read it many, many, many, many times now. I finished reading it yet another time just day before yesterday and it felt good. I read all the dialogues with greater concentration than before. Were Victorian people really able to come up with such gems on the spur of the moment? It is such a treat to read! I guess though that this book will appeal to female readers more.

Sloppy Firsts: Yup this is the book by Megan McCafferty which Kavya Vishwanthan famously "internalized" and which caused such a huge brouhaha in the literature world. This book is a "diary" by high school attending American teenager, Jessica. I must tell you, I cannot identify with most of the situations Jess faces. I might have gone to high school on an entirely different planet for the number of similarities I can see. Are high schools in India and the USA really so different? Nevertheless, it's interesting to take a peek into American high school life (the reviews tell me that the experiences American high schoolers face are more or less similar). Again, due to its very subject, this book will appeal to female readers a lot more.

Fried Green Tomatoes at Whistle-stop Cafe: I chanced upon this book by Fannie Flagg in the library. The library had a display of books made into movies and this was one of them. I picked it up on an impulse - I guess the whimsical title made me curious. And wow! Really, this is one of those awesome books which pull you right into the world it is set in. Everytime I closed the book I had to reorient myself as to my actual location. Again, wow! I simply loved reading the book.

I can write about many, many, many more things to do on a "sitting at home" day. But reading other people's lengthy blogs isn't one of them. So I shall stop now :-).

Again, eeeeehaw, its Friday :-D!


Pallavi said...

I agree with u..there is just so much to do without going anywhere.

Ram said...

Reading your blog entry was a good way to begin my 'don't do much' Long Weekend.

Archana Bahuguna said...

I saw the movie "Fried green tomatoes", a DVD; it was a very good movie indeed. I have also watched "Pride and prejudice" and loved it; I have known the story since childhood and have read it in bits and pieces; still have to read it fully though; its a brilliant masterpiece.

And guess what! I am going to watch "How to eat fried worms"; its actually supposed to be a very good book and a nice movie too! Credits to you for that. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Shilpa said...

I watched Omkara in India and I think the lead actors were a big let down. The adaptation was good...if only there was some life in the movie.

Archana Bahuguna said...

And hey "How to eat fried worms" is a very sweet movie of kids revolving around daring and bullying in school. Except for the worms part which may be a little intolerable, it was good fun!

Prasanna said...

hey listen to Vettaiyadu Velayadu, the music is very good! Its a Harris Jayaraj, Gautum Mennon Hat Trick...

Archana said...

Pallavi - that's so true!

Ram - so, what else did you do :-)?

Archana - OMG! I can't believe you actually watched How to eat Fried worms :-O! And you liked it also :-O :-O :-O! Hmm - I still don't think I can gather enough courage to go watch :-(! Hey, do read the complete book versions of both - they are simply awesome :-)!

Shilpa - I thought the movie was decent. Vivek Oberoi and Bipasha Basu were total misfits though. Saif has done a wonderful job. AD and KK were okay - and for the first time, I found KK tolerable! All said, the music simply rocks. Omkara songs have been playing on my ipod on loop since Friday morning :-D!

Prasanna - VV songs ellam old kadhai now - listened to it and appreciated it quite a while back :-D! I think I like the songs better after watching the movie (the movie was so darn violent that I waited for the songs with great eagerness).

Obliterated said...

nice..!! before watching any movie i can get some review here now..!

Archana said...

Obliterated - I don't do reviews all that frequently :-(!

Saranya Kishore said...

Oops, I almost missed this post.

Pride and prejudice is my favorite too, read them many times over.

Fried green tomatoes... sounds good, with all your wows, I hope I get to read them sometime soon. :--))

So how was your weekend? What did you do apart from planting? :--))

Prabhu said...

Sigh! and the long weekend just ended :(
you did not watch, "how to eat refried worms"??

Archana said...

Saranya, yup - read the Fried Green book - it leaves you with such a nice feeling :-)! Long weekend was spent meeting friends, watching movies, reading books, gardening, cooking and most importantly, lazing around A LOT :-D! Looks like you had an adventurous weekend :-)! What else did you do?

Prabhu - next weekend almost here :-))! Amaam, "How to eat fried worms"-ey paaka mudiyala - idhula where will I go and see "How to eat refried worms" - yuck!