Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sillunu Oru Kadhal

After Vettaiyadu Vellaiyadu, this movie was very eagerly anticipated by me. Why? Because Surya was acting in it, and as I mentioned earlier, most of the songs in the movie are good to listen to. So, even though the trailers did not seem very promising, I still wanted to go see it as soon as it got released. The D-day was yesterday. We went for the 11.15p late night show. That we decided to go a bit early to get tickets was a good decision. Even for a show that late, families with young kids in prams too had showed up and it was sold out by the time the movie started.

At the end of 3.5 hours, I wondered, why?

(Warning: Spoilers galore in review ahead.)

This movie takes the definition of boring to new heights. The first half of the movie solely, entirely, completely and definitely revolves around the fact that Surya and Jyothika make a lovey-dovey couple. And mind you, its not even one of those cutesy romances (like the kind in Alaipayuthey). Rather, its one of those annoying, "please grow up" kinds which makes you desperately long for a remote to press the "fast forward" button.

Anyways, S and J have a kid too. This kid will most probably have the distinction of mouthing the most irritating, grown-up dialogues of the year. And here I was, naively thinking that the days of precocious "Baby Shalini" like kids were long gone. And then, there is actress Sukanya in the movie - you wonder why though. I think she wanted to show off her new clothes with matching accessories to a wider audience. She was overdressed in most of the scenes (I have seen brides more simply made up at weddings). And then, there is Vadivelu who is supposed to inject some comedy into the movie. I just slightly showed my teeth for about two of the "jokes" I guess!

Net net, quite a few of the scenes in the first half are unnecessary and could have been easily trimmed off. But, wait a minute, then the first half would have then been ten minutes long! Anyways, by interval time, we were like, is there a story?

Post interval, Bhoomika makes an appearance in a flashback. She was apparently Surya's lover in college. There are a bunch "romantic" scenes here too. Again, it adds neither color nor excitement to the proceedings. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Jyothika reads about this broken romance in Surya's old diary (by the way, is not reading other people's diary without their permission a bad habit?But I digress)

When she finishes reading the diary, Jyothika then comes up with the brilliant idea that Surya should meet up with the ex-lover and spend a day alone with her. For what good joy is anyone's guess. Anyways, the other pair (Surya and Bhoomika) meet up by themselves and then Jyothika finally realizes (because Bhoomika says so in a letter) that Surya loves her (i.e. Jyothika) and her (again, Jyothika) alone. Yaaaaawn! The end.

Towards the end of the movie, all of us were fidgeting a lot, waiting for it to get over. But the mood was considerably lightened by the number of sarcastic audience comments which flew back and forth across the theatre. At some point I had almost stopped watching the movie and was instead closely following the comments and laughing! At the end of the movie, as the audience walked out, disappointment hung heavy in the air. Most people though, sighed with relief at having successfully finished enduring the neverending ordeal. Some people were even comparing it unfavorably with Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (I think the director can contemplate suicide about now)!!! Anyways, that was that.

Oh, what about the songs, which attracted me in the first place? Most songs had okay picturization. The New York song, as expected, had lots of lovely shots of New York. Surya looked good in it. But why they had to insert a garishly made up Jyothika in clothes which looked like curtains/bedspreads also into the picturization is beyond me. Oh, and some of Bhoomika's salwar kameezes were really pretty (makes me want to buy tons of them). About the actors - Surya acted good. Bhoomika was okay other than the bits where she suddenly starts twittering like a mentally retarded child of three. Jyothika acted okay but she looked quite fat in a lot of scenes (its funny how her looks kept oscillating between good and terrible in turns). And as for the child artist - ugh, ugh, ugh!

Give this one a miss unless you are interested in learning how to get big actors, good music, good locations and yet churn out a pointless, boring movie.


rads said...

lol, that was a good review. Every word speaks volumes of how disappointing the movie was! I thought they'd give one good hit before they get hitched! Pavam Surya.

Did you have a good time sight adchufying him at least? ;-)

Archana said...

Rads - yup very disappointing :-(! Yup yup, did all sight-aduchifying in his good-looking scenes :-D! And hey, is that you? Nice pic!

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey Archana, Was it so bad? :--)
I am going to watch it anyway, for Surya and ARR ;--)

I dont have too much expectations from any Indian movies, and if we go with less expectations, I guess we can 'digest' the movie and its plot. And thanks for the warning, I will watch it with even lesser expectation.

Shilpa said...

LOL. I hope u took my suggestion and had a nice cup of hot tea before u went to watch the movie.

I think the current trend is to have very nice music which cons people into assuming that the movie might be worth watching :-(

Archana said...

Saranya - yup! It was not so much bad as it was boooooooooring. I doubt if I would have finished watching the movie had I rented it. Watch the movie and tell me what you think :-)!

Shilpa - no pa, I did not :-(! I think only the audience comments kept me awake in the second half!! Exactly - paavum poor folks like me who get conned :-(!

Prasanna said...

oh! my god jus when I was planning to book tickets for this movie this weekend :(

Archana said...

Prasanna - yeah, its so frustrating when movies which u expect to be good turn out to be duds!

dinesh said...


Didn't think it was that bad. You've slammed it pretty hard ! :) I watched it over the weekend too. I thought the first half was pretty entertaining but I got turned off by jyothika's brilliant idea of making them meet again ! I think the plot was lost there. It was not like it was phenomenal till that point. But I thought it had the makings of a decent movie and then it lost direction. As for the kutti girl, I agree the dialogues were precocious. But I thought she acted pretty well and deserved a pat on the back. A lot of these child actors are usually pretty conscious of the camera and show a lot of amateurish tendencies.I thought she was okay though (I guess we see it very differently eh :)). I thought santhanam's dialogues were pretty funny !

Guess I didn't have much expectations. Probably why I could tolerate the movie.

R.E.B.E.L said...

Well, I totally agree with you.. This is the worst movie ever.. In certain bad movies like, Alli Arjuna or Monisha en monalisa (Well, yeah i picked the worst), you can at least make fun of the movie and have a good time.. But all I cud do during the course of this movie was to sit like a lump and keep staring at the screen! One, really boring movie..

spark said...


i really wanted to see the movie, after the sensational songs. but now i'll have 2nd thoughts :-) thanks for the review.

Archana said...

Dinesh - I just found the movie very tedious and boring :-(! As I said earlier, for me, it was not even worth renting and watching on DVD. As for the kid, I never like precocious kids in movies - after all the best feature of children is innocence :-))!

R.e.b.e.l - LOL - you seemed to have caught up with some really wonderful movies :-P! I totally , totally agree with you - this movie just sapped out all energy!

Spark - watch at your own risk :-)! Paatu-kaaga emaandhu thaan I too went :-(!

Prabhu said...

very true, the movie sucked big time!!!
too many letdowns - i would say even surya didnt have a good role to perform...
vadivelu is the biggest of them all, total sodhappals...

Archana said...

Prabhu - I thought you might have enjoyed it more being a Jyothika fan and all :-P! But yeah, this movie has almost gotten rid of all the good opinion I had of Surya :-(!

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