Thursday, September 28, 2006

Me me me

I got tagged. Since I can't think of any great topic to write about right now, I am happily taking the easiest escape route (with good karma for being a prompt tag-doer thrown in as a fringe benefit :-P) and am doing the tag pronto :-D! Okay, to all people who spotted the error in the previous sentence: I do know the rest of the posts here do not contain great topics either. What I actually meant was that I could not think of *any* idea at all :-P. In any case, be nice and let me have my occassional delusions of grandeur :-D!

Anyways, onto the tag. The rules are as follows (copy & paste from here):

Rules of this tag:

1. Name the person who tagged you.

2. 8 things about you.
3. Tag 6 people.

Here is my entry:

1. Thanu tagged me.

2. Sometime last year I wrote 20 random things about me because of a tag. I am sure you got a whole lot more information about me in that post than you bargained for. However, it's almost a year since that post and it's time to add eight more things to your fact-file (hahahahaha) about me:
  1. I love dancing (definitely not to be confused with "I am good at dancing"). However, I can dance with abandon only when with people I am very comfortable with or when I am by myself. Otherwise I can be spotted shaking my hands and legs nervously with a "I-am-trying-to-have-fun-but-I-would-probably-be-happier-sitting-on-a-hot-stove" look on my face.
  2. I love being near water. I can sit at the beach for hours together, just listening to the waves. Perhaps it can be attributed to me being a Piscean - I don't know!
  3. I think I have a compulsive need to feel liked by *everyone*. Yes, including people who irritate/annoy me. Which is how I can spend hours obsessing over how come person XYZ does not like me even though I do not like XYZ (duh).
  4. I listen to music through headphones almost all the time at work, whenever I am at my cubicle. This is one of the reasons why I turned my computer to face the cubicle entrance. Before I did that, I have sometimes almost jumped out of my skin when somebody tapped on my chair or addressed me from behind!
  5. I have never believed in ghosts. It is a good thing because I have no issues staying by myself or going to sleep after watching a scary movie (I do have nightmares, but can usually get over them when I wake up).
  6. I am a compulsive email checker/writer. I usually reply pretty promptly to all emails I get. Of course, this applies only to personal emails. For work emails, I have a different set of rules :-P!
  7. The only way I can sleep properly is when I am lying down horizontally on any surface. This prerequisite rules out sleeping on buses/cars/aeroplanes etc. The good part is that I am always awake to give the car-driver company on overnight journeys. The bad part, the next morning, I look like something the cat dragged in while the others look daisy-fresh :-(. Note: The have-to-be-horizontal-to-sleep condition becomes null and void if I am extraordinarily tired.
  8. I know probably no one is particularly interested in knowing all these things about me. Still, I am gathering good karma for being a good tag-doer and hence am thinking about the eight thing. Ah yes, the eight thing about me is hum good karma gather karne ke liye kuch be kar sakthe hain (I can do anything for gathering good karma) :-)). Yaaay - finis :-D!
3. Six people I tag (in no particular order):
  • Floridora - I am not sure if you do tags - I don't recall seeing any in your blog. It will be really great if you take this up :-)!
  • Archana Bahuguna - I remember that Shilpa tagged you for the 20 random things about yourself tag. But I doubt you did it. So, here's your second chance *evil laughter* >B-D!
  • Prasanna - Welcome to the tag world :-D!
  • Prabhu - I just want to check that you still remember enough about yourself after your "world-changing" trip to India :-P!
  • Rads - Based on the totally random but entertaining posts on your blog, I think eight things about yourself will make an interesting read :-)!
  • Ginkgo - Let's see if the tag inspires you to post something on your blog :-)!
And all ye tagged souls, better do the tag. I have heard that not doing it will bring lots of bad luck. For e.g., Steve Medonotag of Wichita, KS did not do this tag and the next time he walked under a tree, a giant bird pooped on his head. Be warned :-P!

As for the untagged souls, you have escaped - this time. *menacing background music*


Prasanna said...

adi paavi adi paavi, will do it over the weekend!

Archana Bahuguna said...

I jumped to see something new in your blog :-) so soon, but at the end I saw I was tagged :-(. I had already hoisted an unsolicited self-proclaimed flag rambling all by myself some months ago, remember? Now to dig up 8 new things about me hmmph! But just for the sake of tradition I'll be carrying out the orders 'Me Lord'.

(ps: And btw, we (and perhaps even the ghosts living in ur house (did I just scare u, did I? *evil grin*)are getting used to ur *evil laughter* and *menacing music in the background*. It doesnt scare us no more. ;-)

rads said...

arghhhh... ok, just coz this is a novelty, and u are such a fun blogger, I shall do this. At least would make me know me better :D

Saranya Kishore said...

LOL! Nicee post, made a fun read :--)

>>I think I have a compulsive need to feel liked by *everyone*. Yes, including people who irritate/annoy me.

Ah I used to be like this once upon a time, but somehow got over it. A friend in school ,made me learn. Its not worth trying hard to be liked by some people.

And yeah I escaped! :--))

Prabhu said...

pochu da!! :(

tag 6 people-aa? 6 peroda curse vanthu serum enaku when i do this tag :(

and i found the post very funny!! :)
thats why i tell you, i need lessons about blogging from you :)

Saranya Kishore said...

Oh also wanted to add, I am sure everyone you move around with likes you :--))

Archana Bahuguna said...

And now on your tag details ... well, I think the only place where we completely differ is about our belief in ghosts and for that one reason I would really like to meet you:-) :-) and get one of us on the other's side... then we shall be in complete agreement with each other. :-)

Coz after reading all your other 6 things (you cheated by writing the first one as "X tagged me", which is not a point about you, so actually u wrote only 7, and the last one was also like *almost* something about you)..I think I am pretty much like you ...And now think how hard it would have been to create new things about myself... but I did! Yuhoo! :-)

The Kid said...

Bonjour Mademoiselle,

Niceties necessitates that I appreciate this post. Interesting post indeed. ;p The object of this comment is something else that caught my eye in your blog.

I see that your earliest blog post was in 2002. Did Blogspot exist then ?

The kid

Archana said...

Prasanna - thank you for your prompt response :-))! I think I shd give u more tags to do :-P!

Archana - Thanks for your prompt response :-))! Yeah I remembered your 17 things (it was 17 right?) about yourself - I just wanted to see if you could come up with new ones :-P! Cha, I shd think up of new scare tactics now :-(!

Rads - yaaay :-))!

Saranya - You escaped by a narrow whisker! I thought of tagging you and then remembered that you probably wont like me any more if I tagged you for this eight things about you thing also :-).

Prabhu - yaam petra inbam :-D! Thank you :-)!

Saranya - it's okay if some people I move with don't like me too :-)! I am trying to learn to accept that :-) - but not made too much headway :-(! How did you start changing yourself?

Archana - Oi! Read the post again - there are eight things (which fall as sub-points under the second point of the main three points :-D)! I know, we share sooooo many common features, its surprising we aren't related :-D!

The kid - ah, its okay, you can be not-nice :-)! In 2002, blogger used to be called eblogger and was not owned by google. I created an account on it because an undergrad classmate of mine said he had an account on it. I was bored and had nothing better to do at that point in time. So went ahead and created an account for myself :-D!

Archana Bahuguna said...

ok :-( you actually wrote 8 points, hmm.

Shilpa said...

Cha Archu...u tagged most of the ppl I wanted to tag :-(

Archana said...

Archana - LOL :-D - I did!!

Shilpa - ah-ha, idhukku thaan pandi-kku mundanum :-P!