Friday, December 21, 2007

Benefits of blogging - updated

Remember that tag I did sometime back? An "interview" about my blog? This one? Well, it had a question in it:
Do you think there is a real benefit for blogging?
I gave some response at that time. But now I think I have the correct answer to the question: Blogging gets me homemade polis :-D!

Here is how:

A few days ago, conversation on gchat between fun blogger Rads and me went like this (English translation of Tamil phrases in italics):
Rads: oy
howdy do
i made polis ;)

me: Good good :-)
enakku venum :-( (I want some too)

Rads: bobbattus = bolis

me: can you fedex some over?

Rads: sure
address tha (give your address)

me: aiii nejamaava :-D? (yippeee, really?)

Rads: yes re
address give

me: ooooooooh super cool
aiii (yippeeee)

Rads: give giev :)

me: wait me sending address immediately
Sure enough, yesterday in my mail box, I found a USPS package with Rads' return address on it. In a super sweet gesture, Rads had actually sent the polis I had asked for :-)! I broke into a huge grin and opened it. Inside were nestled three delicious polis :-). They taste absolutely super-duper delicious. Thank you so much Rads :-D!

I tell ya, if blogging is indirectly giving me such yummy returns, I should seriously consider taking it up full time ;-D!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays folks :-)!


rads said...


hehe, picture ellam koode va :))
Am glad this made you happy. Truly, it's really nice playing Santa :)

vishesh said...

iyo! i was wondering what the polis was until i saw the pic!! wondering why you wanted a police man mailed....!

Altoid said...

Erm, what feature of blogger is this? 1-800-GTALK-A-POLI?

*Scrambles to look for Rads' number*

I got work to do!

Tata, enjoy the holidays.

SK said...

I am totallllly greeeeeen with envy :--))

Happy Holidays! Finally here!

Archana said...

Rads - LOL :-D - there was still one poli left when I wrote the post and I decided to present "proof" - heheheh! May you be blessed with many more such Santa playing opportunities :-P!

Vishesh - ROFL :-D! Right, I wanted a mail-order policeman :-P!

Altoid - heheheheh :-) - premium feature apparently :-P! Ah, holidays are good :-D

SK - heheheh :-D! I know - yaaaay!!

Shilpa said...

wow...thats anything left?
if is your chance to play santa :-)

Archana said...

Shilpa - sorry chellams - the last of the polis disappeared into my stomach yesterday :-D!

சிங்கம்லே ACE !! said...

Unbeleivable..someone sending poli in USPS.. hmm.. still cant beleive it :D :D

Anonymous said...

What? Unbelievable and lucky you!

Anita said...

you are so lucky!

Archana Bahuguna said...

Why don't you "share" and "spread" that happiness with us ... ;-)

You too have a great Christmas and a fantabulous New year!

Joy said...

Err Umm Rads, can I send you my address as well :) ;) :)

Hey Archana, next time remember your blogger friends :P ( Not sure how much a friend you think I am but now you definitely cannot forget me :) :) :) )

Have a great year ahead!

kutti said...

knw wat? I didnt even ask for it n I got a similar package frm Rads :p yummy polis!!! but it was not a surprise for me coz Rads called me the nite b4 I actually received it to ask me if I got a package on the mail :D postal delay!!! I am gonna sue USPS.....

Pri said...

everytime a blogger has gone to india i have ask for kaaju barfi. no one has sent me any yet. sniff. why this injustice?

Saumya said...

That is so sweet of Rads. Enjoy your poli Archana!

Archana said...

Ace - its all true. That's why put up pictures and all as proof :-D!

Anon - heheheh :-D!

Sindu - I know :-D!

Archana - ahem, the happiness disappeared into my stomach even before thoughts of sharing and spreading struck me :-P! Happy New Year!

Joy - of course I was thinking of all you folks (and grinning wickedly) while gobbling them ;-)! Happy new Year to you too!

Kutti - waaah - I also want to get into the A-list of poli-recepients!!

Pri - apparently only good and saintly souls like me get blessed this way :-P!

Saumya - I know :-)! I did :-D!

The Kid said...

please do visit my blog for second part of this story :)

Archana said...

Pratap - paarthein, paduchein, comment vittein!