Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That's odd

I have written 28 (20 + 8) specific things about myself on this blog already. But this tag which Joy passed on to me asked me to list weird things about myself. So in this time's exercise in narcissism, I shall list 7 weird things about myself (pretending that none of the other 28 things about myself were in anyway weird :-P).

1. Whenever I eat cereals/oatmeal, I *have* to wash the bowl as soon as I am done no matter how much of a hurry I am in. I will not leave the place till the bowl is clean and dripping on the dish rack. Note: this obsession only extends to cereal bowls.

2. Similarly, before I leave my room in the morning I always fold the blankets/comforter irrespective of how lazy or rushed I am. Everything else can be nowhere near tidy but seeing messy blankets/comforters irritates me a lot. By extension, I automatically fold any bed linen lying around when I visit other folks too.

3. Many of my most favorite (current and past) songs are melodious but sad. I can listen to them at anytime, regardless of my mood. Somehow I connect with sad songs in a way which leaves me feeling blissful (!?!) and at peace. Some songs which have been on the list: Engey enadhu kavidhai, Laakad jalke, You'll think of me, Poongatrile, Tadap tadap, Linger, Pesa madanthai ... The most recent addition is Jag soona soona from OSO - the song is just so beautiful.

4. Though the above point might have lead you to believe so, I am usually not a morose person. I am optimistic to a fault, trust almost everyone whether warranted or not and generally think the world is a beautiful place. Kinda like the kid who, when given a crate of worthless manure as a christmas present, starts digging through it enthusiastically, “Because there’s gotta be a pony in there somewhere!”. You can imagine how easily I can get conned :-)!

5. I love croutons. All my plans of having a healthy lunch by hitting the salad bar are nullified by me topping the salad off with a whole lot of croutons. I am pretty confident that I can happily finish a "salad" having nothing but croutons in them.

6. Sometimes, when I am really enjoying something at current time, I start dreaming and longing for the next time of such enjoyment. I know, duh! Some living in the moment I do!

7. I tend to worry about completely running out of essentials and so, like a boy scout, I am always prepared. At my house, you will always find at least two extra cans of salt, tubes of toothpaste, boxes of tea, bottles of moisturizer (ya, that is an "essential" according to me) etc. in addition to the currently used supply. In case of an emergency, I think the grocery store can come borrow from me :-)!


No, this time I am not passing the tag to anyone. Only one soul (you rock, SK :-)) I passed the last tag to did it and I am now hurted *pout* *sulk*. Okay, okay, pipe down the celebration, will ya!?!

Update: Just realized that this is post number 250. Yaay :-)! I am too lazy to hunt for dancing numbers this time.


rads said...

Your point 4 reads me. :|

I am like that - optimistic and blissful about life though when down. Life's too short na :) In any case I am tending to agree that it is a weird thing after all, as I don't c too many with such outlook. Yay to you and me ;)

anyways, why don't I go ahead and do your tag. I think Ive found some weird stuff about me after all..

Altoid said...

I can relate to 3. Heard "Jaage hai der tak hamein..." from Guru? The lyrics have a sad note...but I love that song. So meaningful. And my love for ghazals...yes I definitely listen to sad songs..anytime!

Happy holidays and Season's greetings.

kurrodu said...

"I think the grocery store can come borrow from me"

was so funny. I do this too! I inherited this from my mom.

Joy said...

You know I can relate to point 6. :) This was truly hilarious and thanks for picking it up.

Er, um, .. I just tagged you again!! (Some ppl never learn right ? :)) If you feel like, you can do it when you get a chance. :)

Anita said...

god after all those of years being the messy disorganised kid of the family you end up sounding like someone with a huge fetish for cleanliness and order.

thoroughly approve.

GardenLane said...

Can any one explain, what is tagging...
I am new to blog world...I can find myself...but donot feel like usingmy brain :-)

Shilpa said...

You are one weird person !!
LOL...jokes apart, I knew some of things but not all :)

Archana said...

Rads - nammaley yaay sollika vendidhaan ;-)! Aii - you are finally thinking of doing the tag - I think first year anniversary is already past :-P!!

Altoid - I like that one too :-)! Happy New Year to you too :-D!

Kurrodu - lol, we both can supply the neighborhood :-)!

Joy - phew - I thought I was the only weird one :-)! Another tag already? Man, you are fast!!

Anita - ah, you did read all the qualifications for cleaninness right :-)?

Gardenlane - hmm, simply put - a person writes about some topic on his/her blog and then "tags" other people to write about the same topic on their blog! Welcome aboard, btw :-)!

Shilpa - :-D! Heheh, I am very mysterious and eth :-P!

karthik said...

Avanaa Neeee!!!

Archana said...

Karthik - Huh!?!