Monday, December 03, 2007

A sad hairy tale

Last week, I got it into my head that I should definitely cut my hair before the end of next week (December 9). Why, you may ask? I just decided it should be so for no particular reason. So I called up the salon to make an appointment with my favorite hair stylist, N. It turned out that N was on vacation and would be back only on the 15th of December which was beyond my hair-cut deadline. So though I had misgivings (I really need to start listening to these nagging doubts) I scheduled an appointment with another stylist for last Saturday.

Saturday noon I set off with great enthusiasm to the salon - phew, after months of long (by my standards) hair, finally I was going to get a new look with shorter hair. The new stylist, S, was a very friendly lady. She chatted about general stuff with me and then asked what I wanted her to do with my hair. So I said "Please cut it to shoulder length, with layers around the face".

She was aghast at the amount of hair I wanted to chop off and literally wailed "But why? You have such beautiful hair!" I said I was bored of my long hair. She confirmed with me again before starting to cut, "Are you sure you want to cut this?"

When I confirmed with a "Yes" again, she said more to console herself than me "Oh well, it will grow back." Then the cutting began.

She seemed to be doing lots of "different" kind of cutting with her scissors. Though I was interested by this new style of cutting, I guess I must have unconsciously looked alarmed for S reassured me, "Don't worry, I am just giving you the layers." At that point, my hair was still wet and was looking funky and cool. "Nice!" I thought "Hmm, maybe I should make S my regular hairdresser instead of N."

Then the cutting was done and she started to blow-dry my hair. Which was when I looked at myself in the mirror again and thought "Okay, my hair looks weird now. But maybe it will look better when she is done." Then, after some more drying and styling, S declared she was done and added (I wonder how much effort it took for her to keep a straight face), "You look so beautiful now!"

I glanced at myself in the mirror. Right! I looked like a Roman gladiator with a hair helmet :-(! Finally, I could understand the concern S had before she began to cut my hair! Did S have a premonition of this butchery? There was nothing left to be said so I just tipped her and left.

So right now, I have the ignominy of having hair which has such a weird shape that I can't quite describe it in words. I cribbed about this flop show to L and V during lunch today. L was sweet and told me that it did not look too bad and anyways it would grow out. V gleefully chimed in and chortled, "But you do know that a bad haircut looks even worse when it is growing out. Ha ha!" Sigh!

Now I need to locate my supply of hair clips so that I can hold all the chopped bits of hair in place so that even if it looks dowdy it at least looks non funny :-(.

And in commemoration of this event, here is the famous sher from Maine Pyar Kiya:

Yeh zulfain hain tumhari,
Ya resham ke jaal!
Kitne khush-naseeb hain woh
Kitne khush-naseeb hain woh
Jinhone katre tumhare baal

Sob :-(!

Lessons learnt:
* Listen to nagging doubts.
* Don't have stupid artificial deadlines.
* Wearing scarves/woollen caps when going out might be the way to go this winter.
* If I want to get my hair butchered, I should at least go to a place which will do it at a much lesser cost.


Anonymous said...

lol ... I remember the sher ... law of averages! :)

Send me pics. Btw, a bad haircut looks the worst from the 3rd/4th week. tch tch.

Altoid said...

Sigh! Et tu brute? I did this at the beginning of summer- I spent nearly two years growing my hair and suddenly one fine summer weekend morning, I decided I had had enough of it....even worse I tried a new hairstylist and (i_need_a_kick_for_this)to top it, she understood no word of what I explained to her...cos I just said do what you think is best. I am still living down this short and terrible hairstyle.

So, misery surely loves company. I am delighted :D.

I am now a new owner of multiple hairbands.

Hey, on a brighter note, hair cant help but not grow back.

Till then invest in stoles and caps :P.

Ok, I will shut up now.

Deeps said...

I plan to chop off my lengthy hair too, so thanks for the ample warning ;-) :-D.

SK said...

LOL! :--) Sorry for laughing.
But why-o-why did you cut your hair short, it was the right length I thought!
I am sure it doesnt look as bad as you think, I can make you feel better, picture pliss.

rads said...

LOL! ah well, we all have our moments, which is more or less everytime we visit the salon!

So where's picture ;)

Joy said...

Don't bother you would get used to the look :) :) :) Just kidding. It can't be that bad.

சிங்கம்லே ACE !! said...

LOL.. all the best wishes for your hair to grow :)

Anonymous said...

Take heart, badly cut hair grows beautifully.


Archana Bahuguna said...

How does it look now? :-) I am always afraid of having a hair cut done, specially bcos I have short hair. He he...

Archana said...

Anon - cha enna oru sandhosham X-(!

Altoid - I feel a whole lot better after reading your comment :-D! But gulp, you cut your hair in summer and are still using hairbands :-(?

Deeps - you are welcome - glad to be of help in saving a hapless head :-)!

SK - cha - hindsight is 20/20 :-(!

Rads - en picture-kku ivvalavu demand-aa :-(!

Joy - actually I am more or less used to the look now :-)!

Ace - I second that :-)!

Senthil - thanks man :-)! Me hopes so too!

Archana - I am just used to it now! Man, looks like you are lucky then :-)!

Shanks_P said...

Hair cut is always one among the big things to be perfect ...Last time walked away like an antenna head man with all my hair spiked up which I never wished for.

Her comment was, i got strong hair .... Hope by now everything is back to normal ....

Twisted DNA said...

LOL@ Roman Gladiator look :)

You should be glad that it grows up. There are some of us who are stuck with worse hair whether we cut it or not :)

Archana said...

Shanks_p - LOL @ antenna head man :-)! Now I am used to it - hehehehe. Welcome aboard :-)!

Twisted dna - :-D! LOL - appadi enna hair :-D?