Monday, December 17, 2007

Random weekend notes

- This kinda news might be getting old now, but I met another blogger friend past weekend :-D - Pratap (yeah that's The Kid). It was great to finally meet him in person - he is just like I thought he would be and it was super fun :-)! Seriously, it is awesome to meet people for the very first time and yet feel like you have known them forever. Viva la blogs (and la email, la gchat and la phone) :-)!

- I watched Ajith's Billa. Man, that guy needs some serious exercise - or at least should stop wearing fitting shirts when he has a gently protruding pot belly. He looked like a majestic temple elephant in the dance sequences - I presume his substantial girth precluded fast dancing. The movie itself was unintentionally hilarious - everyone in the theater was ROFL-ing even during many of the so called serious scenes!

- I put my hands on a Wii for the very first time. It is SO addictive - a whole bunch of hours went by without me noticing it till I realized with a start that it was past midnight. I am now actively encouraging the Wii-owning friend to invest in some more games - hehehehe ;-)!

- What is it with the Bay Area this December? A whole bunch of people I know are coming down visiting in the next few weeks! I was feeling sympathy for the poor sods who were going to come to California thinking it is going to be a tropical paradise - only to get a rude shock on encountering the cold weather here. That is, until the next point happened.

- Pratap (who is from the Midwest) showed up in a half-sleeved t-shirt. Ah, he must be thick skinned, I smugly thought. Then I met V and her family from Washington state. All of them, including her 3-year-old daughter, were dressed up like it was summer. V gushed, "Oh man, what awesome lovely weather you folks have here!" - while I gaped at her from my sweater-jeans-shoes attired self. Oh well, at least all of them conceded that night-time was "a bit" chilly.

- I caught up with V after a reallllllly long time. V is an old friend of mine and of course, it was great :-D.

- I am seriously short on sleep now. However a loooooooooong 4-day weekend is right around the corner. Eeeeeeehaaaaaw :-D!


Kaarthik said...

The stills from the movie Billa 2007 were good. It is disappointing to know that the movie wasn't.

vishesh said...

lol :) howdy doing?? guess i would prefer a sleeveless tee(if it is above 15 C)....

The Kid said...

It was fun to meet you.

btw, I am from Madras, and just because I decided to stay for a couple of nights or so does not warrant "Pratap is from the Midwest" statements :p

Joy said...

So you are having fun in Holidays catching up with ppl. That's great. Pls don't talk about the weather in CA. We are freezing in NJ with more snow and rain to come tomorrow.

Twisted DNA said...

He he, I was going to say that compared to the soggy East coast and other places in the US, bay area is a tropical paradise :)

J said...

I second Joy. adhaane, weather pathi naangha elaam pesa aarambichaa avlo dhaan :D

Billa - antha kodumaya en kaekra. naanum intha weekend paathen :(

SK said...

LOL at CA weather. :--)
All thick sweaters, jackets, mufflers, head caps, gloves and boots should be banned in CA I say! :--)
Seriously where will we go for the winter holidays? :--(
Is The Kid the same in person as he is in blogdom ;--)

Archana said...

Kaarthik - you can still watch it for comedy value :-D!

Vishesh - Mez doing fine - how are you :-)? Sleeveless tee!!?????!!

Pratap - well, you did land up here from the Midwest. Besides, I doubt if living in Chennai would have made you this thickskinned :-)!

Joy - Hehehe - I feel good now. Good luck with winter :-)!

Twisted DNA - true :-)! But bay areaites always aim for the perfect weather :-P!

J - okay, okay, I concede defeat regd. weather :-D! Acho paavum - at least were you in the mood to laugh :-)?

SK - Acho - mez will freeze then :-(! Miami, I guess :-D! Aha - what is The Kid's reputation in the blog world ;-)?