Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love Like at first sight

Last weekend I had gone to my friend V's place for lunch. V's mom had just arrived from India that week. The purpose of my visit was to sample all the snacks and sweets from India (of course) plus partake of V's mom's cooking (double of course :-D).

When I arrived, V's baby boy, R, was asleep. I munched on all the snacks while watching Sun TV (ah-ha :-)) on their huge TV. After a while, shrill wailing announced R's waking up. V brought the baby to the hall. Immediately I jumped out of the couch and ran to the kitchen sink calling out,"I am coming, I am coming! I will just wash my hands before carrying R."

V said, "No problem, take your time. R takes some time to adjust to new people and does not go to strangers easily. In fact, he refused to let mom push the baby carriage at the airport." Oh :-(!

In any case, being determined and everything, I plonked myself right beside R (sitting on V's lap) and started talking to him and making funny faces.

R stared and stared at the newcomer viz. me. I continued to talk and grin at him. After a couple of minutes, I put my palms out towards him. R looked at me for a long moment - then gave a cute smile, stretched his little arms towards me and propelled himself into my outstretched hands :-D.

V and her mom were surprised by this immediate bonding. I was of course, flattered to the core :-D. Talk about being a baby magnet :-P!

For the rest of the time I spent at V's place, I was R's complete slave and danced to all of his tunes.

And enjoyed every single minute of it :-)!


spark said...

nee kalakku. why like, not love? nice post. you enjoying your time with kids? getting ready for the next stage ;-)

Archana said...

Spark - because I know the baby liked me - not sure about the love part :-))! I have always enjoyed playing with kids, so it is not a new development :-D!

iamvisheshur said...

i know d feeling its always nice!

Rahul Obla said...

It's a beautiful feeling. Kids have an innocence that endears us to them!. They have this look of wonder which, as we grow, lose.

Anonymous said...

This is when i must not say- 'See, you must get married. You are aching for one of your own....'.
Sorry, could not resist it. I am pretending like i don't like babies/kids now for the fear of comments like above.

Saranya Kishore said...

>>Talk about being a baby magnet :-P!
ROTFL!! :--D

Yeah kids let us see the other side of ourselves. I have always felt babies bring a certain kind of peace within us.

madsies said...

Kids ..are sure "items" who bring the "other" in us!

Like the statement - baby magnet!

Jeseem said...

some people hav a knack with kids.
u r definitely among them

Tohou Lidia said...

I love kids like that! Unfortunately, i'm definately not a baby magnet! I don't know what it is...they either cry or run away. So i know when i meet a special baby because they're the ones that are usually smiling at me :)
Nice blog!

smiley said...

babies luv me, but usually i end up with wet clothes :)

Archana said...

iamvisheshur - I know :-)!

Rahul - hey, you are alive :-P!! Thats true - I think most things become passe after we grow up!

Sandhya - Yikes! What frightful bilge - lol :-)!

Saranya - :-)! Its really good fun :-)!

Madsies - I guess babies usually bring out our sofer sides!

Jeseem - thank you :-)!

Amy - LOL :-))! Babies which take to us at once of course attain special status immediately :-))!

Smiley - LOL :-)! I guess that is a little too much love :-P!

J said...

Sweet :-)

Archana said...

J - :-D!