Monday, January 01, 2007

Yaaay, 2007!

Happy New Year :-D!

2006 sure went zooming by - can't believe I am already in 2007! I thought I should do a recap of 2006, but really, what with old age and all, I am unable to remember most of it without putting in some amount of work and you know lazy me :-P. The one thing I DO remember without effort is that I travelled a lot in 2006 and I loved it. Hehehehe - that was a quick recap :-)!

I'm just beginning
The pen's in my hand
Ending unplanned
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

These lyrics are a part of Natasha Bedingfield's song Unwritten which often plays on my local radio station. I love the lyrics and the singer has done a great job of singing the song. The lyrics are kind of appropriate for the New Year with its promise of a brand new start, don't you think :-)?

Today, I made the mistake of hunting out the song's video on youtube. Ladies and gentlemen, *drum roll*, here is yet another example of how a perfectly nice song can have terrible picturization:

I think I could have stood it better if it did not feature a smirking Natasha Bedingfield. Oh well, lets be thankful that she is still focussed on her singing career and has not decided to become an actress yet (as far as I know).

As I was saying, Happy New Year all :-D!


Alert blog-reader Deepthi has brought it to my attention that the above video is not Natasha Bedingfield's video. In the highly unlikely case you are reading this blog (hehehehe), sorry Natasha for my earlier rude remarks! I think this is the original video:

p.s. While is way, way, way better than the other video, I still think it could have been even better. Oh well, some day, when I write my own song :-P!


The Kid said...

"but really, what with old age and all, I am unable to remember most of it"

ha ha ha!

Deeps said...

Hey thats not the real video. Its not Natasha either. Looks like one of these million youtube videos :-p. The real one, features her going in a lift and meeting all these new people who she dishes out the advice to and its really sweet :).

I love this song too and wanted to write a post on it sometime, looks like you read my mind :-D.

Happy New Year :).

spark said...

thank you! :)

iamvisheshur said...

lyrics are amazing!!!
certain things are better forgotten n a few will pop up when they need to..
happy new year 2007 is supposed to be a party year with all hols on week days+it starts on a monday ends on a monday+it has the largest amt of saturdays and sundays..!
so have a blast

cehbiyam said...

hey happy 2007!

rads said...

Happy 2007 Archana. :-)

spk's blog said...

photo potachu profilea ok ok
happy new year

Vinesh said...

For some reason, this song reminds me of Celine Dion's "That's the way it is"

Archana said...

Pratap - :-))!

Deeps - hey thanks for pointing that out! Did I get the right one in the update? Thank you!

Spark - :-))!

iamvisheshur - yeah, love the lyrics :-)! Oh did not know these facts abt the new year - looks like a good year :-)!

Cehbiyam - thank you :-) - wish you the same!

Spk's blog - amaam! Er - by any chance, do I know you? Happy New Year to you too!

Vinesh - hmm, don't remember that one - shd try listening to it again!

Rads - thank you :-)!

Anonymous said...

you didnt know me..
i read your blogs regularly...