Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Socket Science

Sometime last week, one of the electrical sockets in my bedroom stopped working. Now, that particular socket is the one the music system in my room is plugged into. I was very disappointed about not being able to listen to music in the room.

Amidst lots of confusion at work, I finally managed to make maintenance request to my apartment Manager on Thursday last week. She said she would send someone to fix it on Monday (yesterday).

Last evening, when I entered my apartment, I remembered about the socket - ah, if they had fixed it, I should be able to listen to music in my room again, yaaay :-)! I looked at the entrance to my room and sure enough, a maintenance info-sheet tag was hanging on the door knob.

I could distinguish some faint notes on the sheet. Oh no, maybe this was a big problem and would take some more time to fix. I peered closely. This is what the lines said:
Need to turn switch on above your bed. Thank you.
All I can say in my defence is the switch is on a wall entirely different from the one where the socket is located. And I have never before had to turn on any switches for the socket to work for the 1+ years I have stayed in this apartment.

I was so embarassed. Still, it did not stop me from collapsing with laughter :-D!

Happy Pongal, all :-)!


Vamsi said...

bahhh!! LOL

Saumya said...

I am proud of you, and also glad somebody else does the same goofy stuff that I do :)

spark said...

happy pongal to you too lady

spk's blog said...

ahh.. ennala mudiyala.. :)

Happy pongal to you

iamvisheshur said...

hah ah ahah ah haa haha hah ah ...
anyway pongal mudinji mattu pongal kuda mudinjidtu anyway still happy pongal..

The Kid said...

ha ha

Pongal comedy special-a?

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey Happy Pongal Archana.

ROTFL! at the socket science :--) Happened to me in my first year in US.

You must have inadvertantly turned off the switch while getting of the bed or something. :--))

Floridora said...

Well, now you know how to turn off the music after you have gone to bed. There's a silver lining...etc.

Archana Bahuguna said...

Ha Ha Ha ... I am a professional on those ones :-) already ... like I mentioned before, I try to turn on the light when the light is already on :-D.

Currently enjoying my every moment in India ... India is a luxury! :-)

madsies said...

LOL! Archana think abt the time when u will meet face to face the maintanence manager/ the acutal "maintainence" guy!!!!

Oh thats hillarious - happy pongal!

Prabhu said...

thooooooooo.. nu thuppittu poi irukaan!!!!

the best part is he took the time to write it for you :)

Archana said...

Vamsi - :-D!

Saumya - heheheheh - I am so thrilled about the company :-P!

Spark - thank you :-)!

Spk - thank you!

iamvisheshur - Naan post panracha enga oor-la innum maatu pongal-la irundhom :-P!

Pratap - illai - everyday comedy special :-(!

Saranya - thank you! I know!!

Floridora - grrr X-(! But yeah, I am actually happy about having to extend my hand a little less further to turn off the music system :-))!

Archana - ah, I know I can count on you to give me company :-D! In des? Have funnnnnnn :-D!!!

Madsies - Oh, I am planning to swear I have never even heard of my my apartment number if I run into them :-P!

Prabhu - ada paavi! Pinna ezhudhalai-nna I would have lodged another complaint na :-P!

hkarthi said...

Need to turn switch on above your bed. Thank you.

Funny as hell !!! ... loved this post!

Archana said...

hkarthi - :-) - glad to know I am bringing happiness into other ppl's lives :-P!