Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ten things which made me smile yesterday

1. Having a colleague look at a photo from my Florida trip, which is on my computer's desktop and exclaim "Oh, you look so young - just like a kid!"

2. Eating everything from the tofu in the miso soup to the salad and sticky rice with chopsticks at the Japanese restaurant - and not making the table look like a one-year-old had just finished lunch at the end of it.

3. Watching Neosporin ointment work wonders on a rather deep paper cut on my hand. I can almost see the cut closing before my eyes!

4. Having an Indian neighbor with whom I have just exchanged hellos with so far drop by my apartment and give me a box of sweets from her recent trip to India.

5. Seeing pictures of my cousin's new-born baby boy! I can still recall my cousin, my sis and me running around in pattu-pavadais and fully powdered faces during numerous relatives' weddings when we were kids like it was yesterday.

6. Getting stuck in a terrible traffic jam on the way back from work, remembering an unreturned phone call from a friend, returning it and absolutely not noticing the 15 long minutes it took to cross two blocks.

7. Receiving emails from two not-so-much-in-touch old school friends on the same day.

8. Looking at the the glow-in-the-dark stars on the bedroom ceiling glow after I turned out the lights - yeah, my mental age still hovers around three.

9. Slipping back inside the warm cocoon under my multiple comforters after dragging myself out of it to get a drink of water.

10. The fact that this list took up less than ten minutes to come up with and I have not even put down all the smile-worthy 'events'.

... and yesterday as a whole was not even anywhere near "good" as days go.

I guess what makes life even more sooooo worth living is all these little "ah-ha" moments :-)!


spark said...

that's a cool list! :-) yeah, where are the smileworthy events? hey, from what you write, every india thing makes you go oooohh!! :-D

Thanu said...

I guess everyday one shud make this list and then we will appreciate each and every day...

PS: I have some sweets too...

Archana said...

Spark - :-)!

where are the smileworthy events?


Of course, every India thing makes me go ooooohhh :-D!

Archana said...

Thanu - I know - I was surprised at the number of nice things I could think of as I had been cribbing quite a bit about the "bad" day I had had!

iamvisheshur said...

keep smiling
-my school moto.

Saranya Kishore said...

:--) Sweet post Arch!

Yep, it is the small everyday things that keep our life going.

You know you should share your pics with us so we can also exclaim. :--)

Let me try to make a list mentally, to start the day with a smile. :--))

spk's blog said...

cant digest point no 1.

Archana said...

iamvisheshur - nice motto :-)!

Saranya - thank you :-)! You should write down the list on your blog, you know!

spk's blog - no one asked you to :-)!

rads said...

awwww :-)

Neosporin is awesome.
btw, are you sure those sweets were still 'fresh' :p

madsies said...

Arch ..thats really a nice post. This has inspired in me to write some on my blog!
Keep smiling ... and pass the smile aorund ..jsut like waht oyu did now. :-)

Supremus said...

Dont really know how I landed here, but sure as hell this post made me smile :)



anita said...

lovely post and you did not even crib once :)

Archana said...

rads - :-)! LOL - I know for a fact they returned recently only :-D!

Madsies - thank you :-)! Waiting for your new post!

Supremus - thank you :-)!

Sindu - :-D - adi paavi ippadi oru cribbo rani-nnu imply pannuriyey!

kurrodu said...


I really enjoyed reading your posts. This one is excellent.
I am sure when you choose to sincerely enjoy and appreciate
life's small moments, simple treasures like these, you would notice an immediate and profound improvement in your day. By so doing, you give value and richness to everything you touch and see.
Now on, I would be a regular visitor to your blog.

Archana said...

Thank you :-)! I guess counting little blessings makes us appreciate life so much more! Yaay - a regular visitor to my blog :-D!