Sunday, March 23, 2008

Coffee and tea

- Bru instant coffee tastes *much* better than Nescafe instant coffee.

- A dash of cinnamon powder added while making chai gives it a nutty and really nice flavor.

- Ikea sells killer Swedish coffee.

- Marie biscuits from Brittania do not break that easily when dipped in chai. With Sunfeast marie biscuits you need to move really fast from mug to mouth. Unless you like soggy bits of biscuit in your chai (and/or the surface bearing the mug).

- Green Label is not instant coffee. It is the kind you need a coffee filter or coffee maker to use. Anyone wants a jar full of unused Green Label coffee powder?

- When I am not in the mood to drink it, chamomile tea reminds me of the straw mats so commonly seen in India. I am quite positive that the water in which such mats are boiled (don't ask me why anyone would do that) would taste exactly like chamomile tea.

- I usually find the regular Starbucks coffee much better tasting than their overpriced lattes.

- Sweet and spicy flavored bag tea from any brand makes me want to throw up the instant I sip it. Apparently this gag reflex is a not-so-uncommon reaction among many folks to the tea.

- I wish I can keep a small stove at work so that I can make fresh chai whenever I want to have some.

- Actually, a just-made steaming cup of coffee is a not-so-bad substitute for the above!

- I am *always* up for drinking coffee or tea. Any actual effect it has on helping keep me awake/perky/alert is still under debate though.


Anand Prabhu said...

First time here... Good coffee/tea primer :) Got nostalgic reading the marie biscuit thing..

vishesh said...

lol...what about pilter kapi!

Floridora said...

May I just mention a cinnamon doughnut dunked in steaming hot coffee on a cold New England morning?

Jaggu said...

Nice information. Just came by here from somewhere. Nice to meet you virtually. And welcome to my blog.

vishesh said...

you are tagged!

Joy said...

I am with you for "anytime teatime". I have no idea what effect does it does to me. I can read for hours after having tea and if I am tired,can fall asleep within minutes of having it.

Archana said...

Anand Prabhu - Welcome aboard :-D! Oh, why no marie biscuit in your area :-(?

Vishesh - of course of course, pilter kapi is eternal favorite :-D!

Floridora - yummmmmy!

Jaggu - Welcome aboard :-D!

Vishesh - Oh no, I better get down to doing my tags!!

Joy - LOL :-D - ditto here!!