Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ten year plan

At long last I am doing the tag Joy (do you even remember it?) passed to me ages ago. I am supposed to jot down my plans for the next ten years. Given my exemplary planning abilities, I decided to modify the tag a little so that I can instead list ten things I hope to do in the next ten years. I thought for a bit and here is my list:

1. Learn swimming well enough to be allowed to go on a class 4/class 5 whitewater rafting trip.
2. Bungee jump.
3. Learn to play the keyboard properly.
4. Visit Europe.
5. Visit Africa. (Don't worry, though I want to go everywhere, the next five points are not in the for (Continent c in continentList) { print "Visit " + c} list).
6. Switch careers.
7. Run at least a half-marathon.
8. Finish reading Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (people who have been observing my reading list on the right pane for a while now will understand).
9. Go on a round-the-world cruise with my family (one life - so many places to see).
10. Still be blogging.

Check back on March 12th, 2018 to see how I fared :-)!

This time I am going to bug (does anyone even care?) these folks to continue this tag:

- Shilpa (ah, you should have never told me you are relatively "free" this week)
- J (I don't remember seeing any tag on your blog)
- Saumya (hey, I have never tagged you)
- Vishesh (even after you add ten years to your current age, you will still be younger than what I am right now and I want to see whether I have done any of the things you want to do)

p.s. I just did a quick Google check on the world cruise thingie. The cheapest ticket for a single person for a 106 day trip is $54,000. Erm, I better get back to working.


Shilpa said...

A world cruise is that expensive kya?
I think I would get sea-sick if I did a world cruise....

I'm tagged eh...well, this week is ruled out, I will work on it next week...

btw happy birthday...(yeah i'm a little early in wishing u)

rads said...

Bungee jumping? *shock*
Ok, actually, on 2nd thoughts, doesn't surprise me a bit! :P

Europe is fascinating, do it in bits so you get to savor it better. Africa's in the works soemtime for us too..

Yay@switching careers - First time I am actually hearing someone who wants to switch :D Good :)

yesyes, u and I will be blogging. Pucca. :)

rads said...

@shilpa: Ma'am I thought I tagged you sometime ago didn't i?

Joy said...

Hey Archana, Thanks for finishing the tag :) Your list looks pretty good and I sure you would be able to complete them. Which career are you eyeing for? Being in software, I can very well understand switching of career :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!. Wishing you the very best for a adventurous life (bungee, atleast one continent etc) in the year ahead.

hmmm.. whats with everyone switching careers. for some reason, everyone thinks IT is a big bore?

- T

vishesh said...

lol! am doing the tag right now :)
ha well have a blast traveling...but remember palm beach ??

Altoid said...

Happy Birthday Archana!

Floridora said...

I rather doubt that I will be able to score you, come 2018. I don't dare buy the large economy-size of Tylenol. I've done quite well on my wish list though. Two things I missed out on were going to Antartica and hiking the Milford Trail on the South Island of New Zealand.

Solitaire said...

Before I could ask you where all the money for the travelling was going to come from, I read your PS. :)

Since you will still be blogging after ten years, will come back to see the pictures.

Archana said...

Shilpa - amaam - en soga kadhai keikara! Thank you thank you. Almost gone now :-(!

Rads - ippo pannama eppo panradhu :-)! Ideally I would love to stay at Europe for a couple of months to do my sightseeing. If wishes were horses ... :-)! Aii I have company :-)!

Shilpa - didya hear that?

Joy - havent pinpointed which career exactly. Only know I don't want to be in s/w forever :-)!

T - hey, thanks a lot :-D! IT just gets monotonous after a while I guess... who else is switching careers?

Vishesh - here is a golden star for being sooo prompt: * (imagine the golden color :-P) - thank you! You mean the house I want to buy on Palm Beach?? My donation box is ready and open now - contributors welcome :-P!

Altoid - thank you :-)!

Floridora - I sure want to get your score. So you had better be around in 2018! I would love to see your complete list - can you put that on your blog? Please, pretty please *bambi eyes*?

Solitaire - welcome aboard :-)! Heheh - sure - though I do hope you will drop by again before 2018 :-)!