Friday, March 21, 2008


I am subscribed to receive CNN Breaking News emails (I don't remember since when or how). Here is a sequence of emails I received:

CNN Breaking News [March 20, 2008, Evening]
-- The State Department says security on Barack Obama's passport file has been breached, campaign officials tell CNN.

CNN Breaking News [March 21, 2008, Early Morning]
-- Hillary Clinton's passport file was breached in 2007, Secretary of State Rice told Clinton, according to the senator's office.

CNN Breaking News [March 21, 2008, Morning]
-- The State Department confirms John McCain's passport file was breached as well as Obama and Clinton's files.

I have no clue at all as to what "passport file breaching" means or why it is significant. But going by the mad rush from all the presidential candidates to jump in and say that their passport files got breached too, I am convinced it is some important achievement which anyone vying for president-ship should definitely have to be considered viable.

I am looking at president-ship circa 2028. Now, how do I go about getting my passport file breached?

p.s. Just in case you were wondering, pliss to note, I am just kidding about the passport breaching bit. So pliss to not offer services for breaching passport.


Anonymous said...

become famous. :)
u know u cant unless they rewrite the constitution.. right :)

no different than hospital employees looking at britney spears' medical records.

it became a big deal coz everyone assumed clinton was behind it when obama's file was accessed. then they figured out everyone's was accessed.

The Kid said...

he he... that is funny

Shilpa said...

2028 eh....don't forget me when you get famous :-)

vishesh said...

2028...hmmm....leave passports...why not start a NRI party in India?

Archana said...

Anon - hehehe - becoming famous certainly will work :-)! Maybe they will look at my sterling qualities and elect me anyways, huh :-P? Ah, the news makes sense now!

Pratap - :-)!

Shilpa - of course! I will mention you in my inaguration speech, not to worry :-P!

Vishesh - oru flop show patthada (what was the name of the party started by those IIT students?)