Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Month of non-day-to-day happenings posts

I realized that of late my blog is beginning to read more and more like a day-to-day diary of my life. So starting today I am going to go an entire month without writing about things which happened in the recent past. Of course, it is quite possible that this might result in this blog taking a hiatus for a month - but hey, that's like a double bonus for you nice readers!

p.s. I do know my blog has always been about me and my life. But it seems to me that its become way too much about me and my current life nowadays. This fact hit home hard when I recently charged a good friend with going AWOL and she responded that she catches up on my life by reading my blog and hence feels like she is in regular touch without actually keeping in touch! Ouch.


Joy said...

This is your blog. It can contain whatever you let it have. It needs creativity in making a mundane activity such as daily life into an interesting blog.

The Kid said...

ya.. your posts are generally lame. :p

rads said...

Archana - I have 2 thoughts on this.
1. Someone else also told me the same thing. It to an extent surprised me but I don't think bothered me. Mine IS a personal blog, I don't sway into changing the world, politics or other kind of informative sessions. I like it this way. I write what I can and what i want. As Joy said, it does take a certain amount of talent to make everyday stuff interesting.
You have the gift.

2. You will have to do what makes you comfortable. If creativity is your goal and producing fictional pieces, then sure work on it, but please also keep in mind that creativity is versatility in everyday posts as well. You have it, again.

Ok, long comment, but what am saying is - please write freely. It's your space. You matter.

*phew. am done. :D

SK said...

:--) Whatever makes you write lady!

Deeps said...

You like to write and therefore this blog exists :-D. You write what you like, nobody else has the right to define what you should or shouldn't..

Enjoy the break (if there is one :-D) ;-).

Archana said...

Folks - I think I put too much scene in my post. No way I am going to take a blogging break or any such - after all if I don't bug you all, who will :-P? I just wanted to make it a little less diaryish :-)!

Joy - thank you :-)!

Pratap - gee, thanks X-(!

Rads - thanks a lot - I really wasn't fishing for compliments. But your comments made me feel sooo good :-)!

SK - lol - okay :-)!

Deeps - true :-)! No such break and all - how could I desert you all :-P!