Sunday, March 09, 2008


- Eating at four different restaurants, each with the lip-smacking end result of "I am so stuffed I can't eat a bite more"

- Five and a half hours of non-stop walking around with window-shopping. And stopping to browse at "just one more shop" before heading restaurant-wards though legs were in killing mode.

- Meeting a big group consisting of about fourteen unknown people and giggling silly over it. Insiduously trying to get more info about one of those members and winding up with, "Gosh, I think we blew it."

- Jumping up at 2.00a in the morning with, "Oh shoot, its actually 3.00a now because of Daylight Savings - we better get to bed" to make it to brunch at one of the four places mentioned in point number one.

- Non-stop chatter about everything from books and five ways to distinguish fresh-off-the-boat-desis to why change is nice.

- Not at all noticing the passage of almost forty eight hours.

I did not do anything "special" this weekend. Yet, it has been the most relaxing and wonderful weekend I have had in a while now.

Adieu weekend. I am so charged for the week ahead that even the unceremonious loss of an hour has barely made a dent in my enthusiasm.

Did I mention? Having friends you love spending time with while being yourself must be the biggest blessing. Ever.


rads said...

aww, I could cry just reading this. :)

Joy said...

Having friends around is a blessing and joy! Enjoy!

SK said...

I agree, time flies, especially on weekends!! :--D Daylight Savings doesnt help at all.

Shilpa said...

Its nice to shop when time is not a constraint :-)

And always fun to hv friends over...esp ones you like heheheh

Archana Bahuguna said...

Good that you had such fun! Doing nothing is bliss always, specially with friends around. I at least do the "do nothing" part every weekend :-D.

Archana said...

Rads - why!?!

Joy - :-D!

SK - I know - its so totally screwed up my morning wake up time :-(!

Shilpa - heheh - you should know :-D! Ah, ya!

Archana - Hehhe - I never have enough time to do all the nothing I want - inspite of doing a lot of nothing!

Anonymous said...

Damn - I missed it.

Archana said...

Anon - I wish you hadn't missed it either!!!

Rajiv said...

"Having friends you love spending time with while being yourself must be the biggest blessing. Ever."

How true!

Archana said...

Rajiv - :-)!