Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Summer is coming!

I love the beginning of the ride towards glorious summer (some of you may call it Spring - but I doubt the Bay makes distinct distinctions).

- For the past one week, everytime I cross a window or go outside around 5.30p in the evening, my face automatically breaks into a grin when I notice it is not dark outside yet. And what's more, everyday, the duration of daylight is getting longer. Yaay!

- Today, for the first time in God knows how many months, I walked outside without a sweatshirt or cold-weather wear of any kind and did not shiver. We also ate lunch outside in the sun afterwards.

- The trees are blooming. There are these trees on either side of the road outside my office. Right now there are pretty pink flowers on them, lining every single branch. It is all I can do to not break out into song when I walk under them.

- The jogging/walking/running crowd is out in full force. Shorts, capris and the ocassional skirt is making a comeback.

- My apartment heater has been in off mode for a while now. I am not even wearing a sweater at home today though the windows are open.

- The mustard fields near my workplace are a sunny riot of yellow. If the Aditya Chopras and the Karan Johars of the world had offices nearby, salwar-kameez clad heroines with flowing-dupattas would be running through the fields everyday now.

- The sun has been shining merrily every single morning for almost a week.

Yes, I am lovin' it.

Update (March 06 2k8): I knew fully well I was tempting fate even as I wrote this post. But I sure did not expect fate to be quite so prompt in reacting. Today is cloudy and cold. And rain is slated for the entire weekend. Talk about retribution.


Anonymous said...

Funny Yash Chopra images. Spring also sends me into a panic initially..the sun waking up earlier than I makes me feel lazy, and unproductive...Sorry for the pin int he balloon. Oh By the wya you are tagged. I didn't have that many people who I could tag, so randomly tagged the people whose blogs I follow regularly. Nice to meet you

Joy said...

Enjoy the sunshine and the raindrops.In east coast, it is still chilly.....

SK said...

Yes!! Summer is here! I see people in shorts and capris, its sooooo nice.
Pretty soon, atleast here, its going to get oven hot, :--( so let me enjoy this time.

Anita said...

move back here. then it will be like that every day of the year. infact in a few months you will be crying for winters.

Archana said...

binaryfootprints - heheh :-)! Sun being outside for a long time gives me the illusion of a super long day with unlimited time to achieve sth. That thing always takes getting used to! Yup - shall do tag. Patience though :-)!

Joy - ooh, not to worry. Me shall enjoy on your behalf too :-)!

SK - ahh, I remmeber Davis. That place used to be freakin' hot in summer!

Sindu - lol :-)!